Month: February 2013

Showcase: Kate Spade Saturday

kate spade saturday

All, Kate Spade Saturday

And with this edition of Showcase comes another batch of Kate Spade goodies. For those of you who don’t know, Kate Spade is launching another brand this March (the 2nd, to be exact) called Saturday – designed to make you feel like it’s Saturday every day. The prices are lower but there’s no less style – the same bright colors, fun prints and cute details are all to be found in their new line. The collection also offers an impressive selection of home and office goods, from playing cards to pencils. This spring’s collection has recurring zig-zag and colorful abstract prints, and the color yellow everywhere. For those of you who missed the pop-up shop on, have no fear: the debut of the new brand is right around the corner. The full line will launch on March 2nd at – you can visit the site now to sign up for updates and peruse their tumblr-esq inspiration board. Above are some of my favorites from the collection.

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Pumpkin & Pattern

pumpkin 1

Forever 21 Top, Forever 2 Pants (similar here, here and here), Born Shoes via DSW (similar here), Vintage Necklaces

These pants, believe it or not, are my first patterned pair, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re made of a silky fabric, are loose enough to be comfortable but not look baggy, and feature a pattern that’s entirely different from everything in my closet. I bought these with cool spring mornings in mind, but I started to get impatient with the weather, so I figured the orangeish/coral color in the crests was ambiguous enough to be paired with pumpkin and still look nice.

pumpkin 2 pumpkin 3 pumpkin 4 pumpkin 5

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Inspired: Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

louis-vuitton 3 louis-vuitton 4 louis-vuitton 5 louis-vuitton 6 louis-vuitton 7 louis-vuitton


How amazing are these Louis Vuitton ads? You might have read back here that I’m in love with 60’s mod fashion (although I’m not sure if I could pull off the look myself). I love the bright yellows and greens juxtaposed against neutrals, like the stark black-and-white and grays. I’ll definitely be taking style cues from Louis this spring – what designer collection are you looking forward to?

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Currently Obsessed With: Headbands (Take Two)

headbands 2


Polka Dot/Floral/Flower/Polka Dot/Gold/Lace/Emerald/Floral/Colorblock/Chain Print

I posted about my obsession with headbands before here, but as I continue to find more and more that I love, I felt that it was time to reissue the post. I’ve found that the more I watch Gossip Girl re-runs, the more I think I need an extensive collection of headbands (like Blair). These ones I’d gladly pick up for the coming season.

And, on the subject of Gossip Girl, remember how I said my shirt reminded me of something Blair would wear in this post? Well, I was watching season 2 re-runs over the weekend, and take a peek at what I found:



Yup. Practically my shirt. (Image from Season 2, Episode 5)

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Wednesday Wishlist




As spring approaches, I continue to get more and more excited for its arrival. I can’t wait for cool mornings, blooming flowers and daytrips to my favorite vintage boutiques. I love the Floral Crush pattern in the Prabal Gurung for Target collection (I came this close to buying the above peplum, but opted for the blazer in the same print instead) – to me, it’s the perfect embodiment of spring. I would wear this outfit to a garden party in a heartbeat.

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