Month: March 2013

Currently Obsessed With: Pops of Color

pops of color



My greatest fear when it comes to shopping for spring clothing is ending up with a wardrobe that looks like it was colored with highlighters. I tend to stay away from neon anyway, but when done tastefully, it adds a bright and fresh element to an outfit. I’ve been seeing pops of colors in clothes, shoes and accessories all over the place, and I can’t wait to add some to my closet.

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Spring Essential: Sandals





Even though spring has officially arrived, the temperatures don’t seem to agree. In these few weeks leading up to warmer temperatures, I’ll be posting one of my spring essentials each week,

It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with these sandals. They’re a gorgeous mint color, strappy without being over-the-top, and come with an ah-some price tag. These would be the perfect addition to a neutral ensemble, or paired with a similarly-hued top and pants for a seriously fresh monochromatic look.

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Tårta Mandel

tarta mandel 9

One day this past week, I had a long discussion with some friends about cake. Naturally, we all ended up craving it. After a little thought, I determined exactly the kind of cake I wanted: an almond torte served at IKEA’s cafeteria. It required a few minute’s research, but I learned the name and found a recipe (here) that seemed like it would be simple and yield the results I wanted. The final product was better than I could have imagined – it was light, a little chewy and not too sweet, with rich flavors that IKEA’s version lacks.

P.S. Sadly, the vultures got to the cake before I could take a picture of the whole thing – let’s just say it got their approval.

tarta  mandel 1 tarta mandel 2 tarta mandel 3 tarta mandel 4 tarta mandel 5

Note: The recipe suggests using a rectangular pan, but I used two 9.5 inch circle pans and did a two-layer cake – it worked out perfectly.

tarta mandel 6 tarta mandel 7 tarta mandel 8

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