Month: April 2013

Chit Chat

phonecase_1 phonecase_2 phonecase_3

Colorblocked/Polka Dots/Line

I’m in the market for a new iPhone case – while I love my Kate Spade one, it’s nearing its first birthday and its age is showing. While I love Kate’s cases, they’re beginning to stop making new ones for the 4S. Just in time, I found these three by Julia Kostreva through designlovefest – and I’m kind of in love. They’re just about the same price as other designer phone cases, and their clean, colorful designs make them even more irresistible. I’m thinking colorblocked for myself – which is your favorite?

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Keep it Together

bowl1 bowl2


Let it be known that I have a minor obsession with tiny bowls for holding trinkets, earrings, rings and the like. I’m currently coveting just about everything in this Etsy shop – especially the above bowls. They’re simultaneously minimalist, colorful, organic and impossibly chic. A bit pricey, yes, but they’re an investment I’d gladly make.

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Pink Grapefruit Granita


A week or two back it was unnaturally hot for early April, and I felt like nothing more than a fruity, icy treat. Enter this insanely easy recipe – I happened to have some unused grapefruits on hand, making this the ideal dessert to whip up on a weeknight. The hardest part was squeezing all of the juice out of the fruits (it starts to wear your arms out a bit), but after that the process was so simple and effortless. It kept nicely in the freezer for a few days and was the perfect dessert for a warm evening.

grapefruitgranita_4grapefruitgranita_1 grapefruitgranita_2 grapefruitgranita_3grapfruitgranita_5 grapefruitgranita_6

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Life Lately


{I can’t wait to wear this Joe Fresh top (sold out, similar here)}

This has been a very strange and long week. I’ve felt kind of depressed for the past couple of days, which definitely hasn’t helped, but I’m hoping that the weekend will help me get back to normal. The heinous event that occurred in Boston has left me feeling a bit shaken, and I’m praying that the victims recover and the people behind the bombing are Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is brought to justice. I’m looking forward to spending this Saturday completely alone with nothing to do, and then some creative projects to work on on Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend!


{Rediscovering this lip tint – the perfect Holly Golightly coral shade. (Nails – Essie’s “Avenue Maintain“)}


{I’m finally getting around to reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower}


{The most perfect breakfast food ever}


{I can’t wait to wear these sandals with a pedicure and just about everything in my closet}


{I’ll be putting these vintage linens to good use}

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