Month: April 2013

Inspired: Twiggy

twiggy_1 twiggy_2 TWIGGY twiggy_4


I’m currently working on a project that relates to 1960’s fashion. In my quick research of the styles from that era, I was consistently inspired by photos of Twiggy in brightly colored clothes and big earrings. I’ve long been a fan of Twiggy (especially her signature makeup), and I can’t help but be inspired by these bright, mod looks.

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Wednesday Wishlist




Right now, I love the idea of wearing a simple tee (especially in this way-cool ikat print) with cuffed denim, and layering on simple but edgy jewelry. I’ve also been kind of obsessed with these sneakers since I saw them in the Madewell store a few weeks ago, and I think they’d be the perfect addition to just about any casual Saturday look.

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Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict 12

A while ago, I woke up wanting eggs Benedict. They’re something I only have when I’m eating brunch out, but I thought, How hard could it be to make them myself? I quickly found a recipe (here) that looked pretty simple. The Hollandaise sauce is the most time-consuming part, and one of my poached eggs didn’t turn out too pretty (I spared you from pictures of it), but I can guarantee you that if you follow the instructions, it will turn out delicious, no matter what it looks like. As I learned while making this, nothing is too meticulous – I used bacon instead of Canadian bacon, and if the consistency of the sauce isn’t to your liking, you can always add more water or butter. Fair warning: the recipe for the Hollandaise sauce makes a lot of extra, but that just gives you an excuse to have eggs Benedict again the next morning (it’s also easy to cut in half, if you like).

eggs benedict 1 eggs benedict 2eggs benedict 3eggs benedict 4eggs benedict 5eggs benedict 6

gifseggs benedict 11

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Wanted: C. Wonder Clutch

c. wonder clutchc. wonder clutch 2


I’ve recently become a fan of C. Wonder – I love the bright colors, fresh patterns and classic silhouettes that they have to offer. Their prices, like J. Crew’s, however, are a bit more than I can afford on a regular basis. So, I was blown away when I fell in love with this clutch and saw it was on sale for a mere $30. I’m thinking I’ll have to snatch one up and start sprinkling some C. Wonder into my closet.

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