Month: May 2013

Wanted: Chiffon Dress


Target Dress

I almost never shop at Target for clothes – except, of course, when they have a designer collection out (speaking of, start getting excited over this). I do, however, see a lot of people (in real life and online) wear cute things from there – especially dresses – which prompted me to take a peek at their online selection. I found this dress, which comes in six colors that are perfect for spring. It would be perfect to pair with embellished sandals to wear to brunch or graduations. I’m partial to the minty color – which is your favorite?

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Font Friday

free fonts

Noir-et-Blanc/Jane Austen/Matchbook/Coneria Script/Market Deco/Ostrich Sans/Quicksand (font used for font names)

In the past six months or so, I’ve become kind of a font nerd (as shown by this – my most used & most followed board on Pinterest). As soon as I discovered that there were thousands of gorgeous fonts out there to be downloaded for free, I spent more time than I’d care to admit finding and installing fonts onto my computer. (If that concept baffles you, here’s a quick tutorial for fellow Windows 8 users: open the font’s folder – found under downloads – and double click the font file, usually TrueType. In the font preview window that appears, click the “Install” button in the top left corner. That’s it!) Of all of the ones I’ve downloaded, these have to be among my favorites – from Jane Austen that is what it sounds like – a font based on the writer’s famous signature – to Market Deco, a fun, not-too-traditional all-caps font. Enjoy!

Image Source

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(Blog) Spring Cleaning

blog spring cleaning

Image Source

With the start of spring comes the need for spring cleaning. I did some virtual spring cleaning here on the blog this past weekend – and I’d like to share my finds and experiences with you.

First up: Paring down your sidebar.

When it comes to sidebars, you don’t need too much there. I stick to the following widgets:

  • A text widget with a quick welcome message
  • Social Media Buttons*
  • A search bar
  • An archives list**
  • An Instagram feed***

*Here is the simplest tutorial ever on how to install social media buttons (you can also find some cute buttons on her site). A quick Google search will find you tons of button images, or you can buy them for a couple of bucks (Etsy has tons of shop owners who sell them). If you’re looking for something minimalist and clean, I highly recommend iconmonstr.

**I had been looking for the perfect expanding archives widget forever and finally found it in jQuery Archive List. It’s super customizable and simple to use.

***The only Instagram widget worth using is SnapWidget. It couldn’t be any easier.

Second: Custom Headers

This isn’t entirely about custom headers. Up until this past weekend, the impossibly annoying shadows that plagued every image on my blog were the bane of my existence. They prevented me from using a custom header for so long because you could clearly see where the header ended and the background began, making the whole site look less than professional. I don’t know why I didn’t find this remedy sooner, but I’m glad I did in any case. Turns out, all I had to do was paste a code into the end of the stylesheet. (Get the code + support here) I think it took a total of one minute.

I created my header just using Microsoft Word (this is the font I used), as I have yet to splurge on Photoshop and just wanted something simple anyway. My next problem was that the header image appeared below the navigation menu – turns out that was a quick fix too. This may be a bit more theme-specific than the last solution, but here’s the link. (If you use the same theme as me – Twenty Twelve – and have this same problem, you should only need the code + info at the very top of the forum)

Finally: A fun mini-project for those looking to become more code-savvy.

I was always amazed by bloggers who had custom “Pin It” images appear over their photos when you hovered on them. This is a little more involved than a cut, copy and paste, but following this tutorial, the whole process (including making the button – I created a picture in Word using my same Pinterest social media button and some simple text) took me about a half an hour or less.

If you use any of these tricks, be sure to let me know! I’d love to check out the results.

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Virtual, that is! I’m kind of obsessed with having gorgeous wallpapers on my laptop and iPhone (usually they come from DesignLoveFest). Below you’ll find ten of my favorite (free!) laptop wallpapers.

Download here (multiple sizes including iPhone)

1. Currently my iPhone wallpaper, this one serves as a motivational reminder whenever I check the time – plus, I love the type. (Breanna Rose)

Download here

2. Enough said. (DesignLoveFest)

Download here

3. Graphic polka dots + polaroids = winner. (DesignLoveFest)

Download here (Also one of my favorite iPhone wallpapers – download that here)

4. More polka dots! In pretty, not-too-perfect colors, too. (DesignLoveFest)

Download here

5. Great for when you need a little color in your life. (DesignLoveFest)

Download here

6. Probably my favorite ever: vintage meets modern meets New York. (DesignLoveFest)

Download here

7. Just so cool. (kate spade)

Download here

8. I’m kind of having a thing for purple right now. And of course, kate spade managed to make paisley look even better than it (usually) already does. (kate spade)

Download here (multiple sizes)

9. Perfect for when you need a clean, calm desktop. (Breanna Rose)

Download here (multiple sizes)

10. Also currently my iPhone wallpaper, I can’t get enough of the bright colors and the clean lines for spring. (Breanna Rose)

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