Month: July 2013




Recently I’ve been getting into the whole graphic tee thing (I just bought a sweater with an enormous zebra on it)  – they easily make a statement and can create a variety of looks. I’m already planning my fall wardrobe, and I can see these tops paired with leggings and a cozy cardigan, or a leather skirt and booties. As soon as I find these at my H&M store, I’ll be buying both – the $15 price tag, French phrases, and soft, easy jersey-knit are right up my alley.

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Hummus is one of those things that people are constantly buying in convenient tubs and getting excited over, as though it’s some rare and exceptionally sophisticated snack. This leaves me pretty much baffled, because it’s honestly the easiest dip I know how to make. It uses common ingredients (aside from tahini – if you don’t have any, it’s pretty easy to come by, keeps in the fridge for a while, and will last you several batches of hummus) and the whole process takes less than 30 minutes (which includes retrieving the ingredients, opening cans, draining garbanzo beans…). I use my mother’s recipe – you could easily switch it up by adding sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, chipotle…the beauty of hummus is that it’s a blank canvas.

hummus_2 hummus_1
hummus_3 hummus_5


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Look Alike


Necklace One: 1/2/3

Necklace Two: 1/2/3

Necklace Three: 1/2/3

Like just about everyone else alive, I pretty much love J. Crew – except I don’t always love their prices. While I get paying more for something high-quality that’s going to last, I don’t quite see the point when you can buy something almost identical (style-wise and quality-wise) for a lot less. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I kept coming across necklaces on Baublebar that bore a striking resemblance to some of my recent favorites on J. Crew. An added bonus (besides the decidedly lower price points)? Many are available in different colors (and for the tassel necklace, different styles).

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Reflections: Pools

futureclaw_1futureclaw_2 futureclaw_3 futureclaw_5

I was flipping through the latest issue of FutureClaw, and I came across an amazing spread of photographs by Kelly Klein, taken from her latest book, Pools: ReflectionsThese photos all embody the essence of summer, n’est-ce pas? Shady trees, blue skies, water as far as the eye can see…I’m beginning to think a trip to the beach is in order. Care to join me?

Images via FutureClaw

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