Month: March 2014

Wednesday Wish List


1: Apparently I have a thing for zebras on shirts. I got a sweater from Zara months ago (last seen here) with a huge zebra on the front, and now there’s this crop top…I think it’s pretty weird. And I love it.

2: I love skirts. I always have. But up until recent times, they were all short (read: knee-length and above). That all changed when I got my first maxi skirt last summer. And then came the midi skirt, which for whatever reason I thought would be horribly unflattering. so I took the plunge, bought one, and was obsessed. And I found this one not too long ago, and I think I need it, even though it’s seriously over-the-top girly.

3: Oh, Zara, you really can do no wrong. I’ve been secretly obsessed with the Birkenstock dorky-chic trend since it started…but they’re kind of expensive, and I’m a little scared I won’t be into it anymore once I get a pair. These are even better, in their price and everything else. Basically Birkenstocks, but with less buckles. Minimalist. Shiny. Pink. That’s what I’m all about.

4: I thought I’d get over the whole statement earring thing. I thought I’d be convinced out of hoarding them for one reason or another – the earlobe pain they inflict, the usually astronomically high prices, the need to wear simple clothes with them so you don’t look totally gaudy and/or crazy. And I’ve gotten over all of that (and have also embraced wearing statement earrings with everything). I just bought these. And these. And these navy ones would just look too good with spring pastels…I might just have to get them.

5: I seem to gravitate towards clutches. And the minaudiére is the queen of clutches. Sure, it’s probably the least practical form of purse ever, but they’re just too cute. (And like I said above, Zara really can do no wrong. Black and white? Geometric? Leather? Yeah. I want it.)

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Bathroom Renovation

bathroom inspiration


Clockwise from Top Left: Towels/Pump/Mat/Canister/Wastebasket/Plant/Sconce/Print/Basket

When it comes to interior design, I’ve always been a little…intimidated. I don’t quite know what my “style” is – I know what I don’t like, but there are just so many decorating options I love. Bright and colorful, sleek and minimal, rich and opulent, clean and airy…I can never make up my mind on what I like, or how to combine any of those. Not to mention, I have pretty much no clue where to shop (I usually stick to perusing West Elm, CB2 and IKEA) or where to get inspiration (Domino and Pinterest are my main – read: only – sources).

My bathroom, however, is in major need of a renovation. I think it’s been in its current state since the 1970’s, and it shows. So this past weekend, I started tackling my (small) fear of interior design by looking through my aforementioned favorite sites, reading and re-reading the bathroom section of this book, and scouring Pinterest for pictures of things I liked – and the (tiny) inspiration board above is the result.

Clearly, it still needs some filling out, but it’s a start. And if any of you have favorite furniture/decor/home stores or sources of inspiration, don’t hesitate to share in the comments!

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Currently Coveting


Dress/Shoes/Wristlet/Skirt/Top/Clutch/Dress/Earrings/Bracelet/Dress/Necklace/Pink Polish/Blue Polish

I’ve got spring fever. I’ve actually had it for a while (winter just will not end) but I feel like I can say it now that it’s officially spring. I can’t wait for bare feet, warmer temperatures, colors besides black…and you can probably tell from above that I can’t decide between brights and pastels. As much as I love neutrals, I really need a change. Here are all the colorful things for the new season that I’ve been coveting…(p.s. – seriously obsessed with the eye dress from Zara. Seriously.)

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Retail Therapy


Dress/Dress/Pants (sold out, similar here)/Pants/Shirt (sold out, similar here)/Shoes/Jacket/Shirt/Dress

We all have trying weeks sometimes – those weeks that are stressful, with a never-ending to do list and personal problems to spare. That’s how the whole month of February went for me, and it was topped off with never-ending snowstorms, too many late nights, and a close friend moving away (not too far, luckily). In times like these, I find it’s appropriate to do little shopping to cheer myself up – not to mention the fact that I’m dying for spring to come and couldn’t resist the pretty new collections coming in at Zara and H&M (and of course, the Peter Pilotto collection at Target). Spring is still a while away (as evidenced by the ongoing polar vortex here on the East Coast), but I’m hopeful for the coming season and plan to tide myself over until then with clothes to wear when it comes. 

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