Month: May 2014

Double Take


Casual: Sweatshirt/Shoes/Sunglasses/Bag/Bracelet/Necklace
Chic: Top/Purse/Sandals/Necklace

In the past year, I’ve become pretty much obsessed with maxi skirts. They’re so comfortable, easy to wear, and work all year round. Since summer is quickly approaching, I went searching for a bright maxi skirt to wear through the season. One of the best parts of a maxi, especially one in a solid color, is that it’s incredibly versatile. The casual option, featuring a textured sweatshirt, simple slides, a cute bag and delicate jewelry, is perfect for running errands or going on a coffee run. The chic look is suited for low-key summer gatherings – the flounced sleeves keep the top from feeling too plain, while a shiny shoulder bag and minimalist gold accessories keep it polished and glamorous.

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Life Lately


{Woke up at 4:30 last weekend to see hot air balloons inflate and launch}

This week went pretty fast – probably because I only had three days of doing real work. I got my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday and am spending today recovering, with a stack of my favorite movies and a bunch of smoothies. Despite the pain and discomfort, these days of nothing but rest and recovery are exactly what I need right now. I hope you all had a great week, and have a great long weekend!


{A seriously epic portobello mushroom sandwich at the farmer’s market – pocketless pita, field greens, marinated mushrooms, feta, huge basil leaves and tangy hot sauce}


{A pretty new succulent + cactus to sit on the side table in my room, in old pots from my grandmother}


{Baltimore looking especially pretty on a recent night out}


{My favorite appetizer, ever – kaddo borwani – at my favorite restaurant}

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Studio Project

studio necessities

I have a small storage-y type area which I’ve regarded as pretty much useless up until now. Recently, though, I was chatting with a friend about studio spaces, and inspiration struck – though the space is relatively small, it would be a perfect place to work on blogging or just to escape to with a good book (and a great excuse to work on my interior design skills). It has fantastic sunlight, a little loft above it, and just enough space for a table, some chairs and a drinks cart. My plan is to paint it white this summer and start filling it with furniture (and lots of pillows). I’ll share what I have planned for a drinks cart next week, but for now, here are the main items I’m planning on decorating the room with:

1. Paris Dining Side Chair: Sky blue with a metal base adds a cool, modern touch.

2. KALLAX Shelving Unit: Perfect as a tiny bookcase and for storage.

3. 4040 Locust Hexagon Handmade Rug: A minimal geometric pattern and yellow edging adds a subtle statement to the room.

4. hello yellow 18″ outdoor pillow: A unique, geometric pattern + a sunny hue

5. stripe riot 18″ pillow: Fun bright stripes on a neutral woven background

6. tryst 16″ pillow: A touch of metallic gold never hurt anyone

7. Air Plant Pod: Cool, cheap, colorblocked perfection

8. TEJN Faux Sheepskin: To drape on chairs or layer with other rugs

9. RANARP Work Lamp: Seriously glam without being over-the-top

10. Popsicle String Lights: Cute, summery lights to string around the room

11. hedgehog candleholder: A quirky candleholder to add a pop of color

12. CACTACEAE potted plant: I’ve recently fallen in love with cacti and succulents, and these have such interesting textures and colors.

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