Month: June 2014

What to Do



Maybe it’s just me, but oftentimes I find myself getting into a rut. I’ll start spending all of my free time the same way, start eating the same things every day, start listening to the same playlist over and over…and then, one day, I’ll go to brunch, or spend time with friends, or do something to break the rut – and I’m reminded how important it is to do new, fun things. In that spirit, I’m starting a new segment on the blog that’ll pop up every now and again, called “what to do”. It’ll highlight a few of my favorite recent activities and items, in categories like “make this,” “see this,” and “do this.” Let me know what you think!

P.S. For those of you who haven’t heard – I’m in the UK for the next two weeks, so be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots of pictures of my adventures there!

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Life Lately


{Bright new lumbar pillow from IKEA (owl pillow here, chair here)}

This has been a pretty great week – it’s finally beginning to feel like summer, and I’ve had plenty of time to work on the blog and pack for vacation. I leave for the UK this weekend, so I’m hoping to write a few posts in advance and blog a little along the way when I have Wi-Fi. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (I can guarantee I’ll be posting a ton) and check back here for new content. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


{Neapolitan parfaits I made for breakfast last weekend}


{Pretty shasta daisies growing in my yard}


{I think I’m officially the last person to read this book – it by no means changed my life, but I laughed and cried a good bit throughout}


{Packing, packing, packing…lots of blazers, jackets, and printed pants involved}

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Favorite Etsy Art


Photography: Carousel/NYC/Blue Doors/Underwater

Mixed Media: Zebra/Equestrian/Man/Shapes

Painting: 1/2/3/4

I first mentioned that I’m working on a gallery wall in this post – and I’m still on the hunt for art. I’ve browsed through lots of different sites, but up until recently, the one I hadn’t looked at was Etsy. I know a lot of people who love the site, but I’ve always found it pretty intimidating. There are just so many options, it’s sometimes hard to sift through all of it and find things you truly love without getting tired (or distracted – hello, jewelry section…). But I took some time a couple of days back to look through Etsy, and I found a couple of pieces I can envision hanging on my gallery wall. They’re all reasonably priced, too, ranging from $10 to $75.

Which is your favorite? Are you a fan of Etsy?

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Last year, Zara made a gorgeous pair of heeled sandals – which, unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to snap up. The other day, though, when I was browsing the internet for summer shoes, I came across an almost identical pair with an amazing price – and, in addition to neutrals, they come in other fun options like abstract floral print and neon coral. Of course, I’d love to buy a pair in every color (wishful thinking), but I think for now I’m going to stick with a neutral .

Which do you prefer? Neutrals or brights?

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Warm Spring Salad


In last week’s food post, I mentioned how I’m trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into my diet. So the other night, when I was craving something light, fresh and seasonal, I whipped up this recipe. It required very little preparation and the end result was bursting with the crisp flavor of all the fruits and veggies in it. Although it’s technically summer now, I plan on making this a few more times over the summer whenever I’m craving a simple and healthy meal.

Note: I used about half of the quinoa called for and I added in a can of cannellini beans (drained and rinsed).


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