Month: June 2014

Double Take


A striped top is a beautiful thing – it’s easy, effortless, perpetually chic, and it goes with just about everything. Right now I’m looking for a new one (my current option is better suited to colder months – but do you really need an excuse to buy a striped top?), and this one from Forever 21 fits the bill. It’s cheap, lightweight, and the back features a unique cutout. Since it’s so versatile, it can easily be dressed up or down. These jeans from H&M are quite possibly my favorite pants (I may or may not wear them 3+ times a week), and they’re made a little more polished with modern two-tone D’Orsay flats, a dainty necklace, and a cool mini backpack (I’m starting to develop a thing for chic backpacks). For a dressier look, this fluorescent midi skirt makes a fun statement (based on the price, the quality may be questionable, but it’s still a cool piece), while dainty black heels and a minimalist, feminine clutch help tone it down. A simple gold necklace is chic and pulls the look together.

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Vacation Packing


It’s probably about time that I start packing (or, at least, start thinking about packing). In just a little over a week, I’m heading off to the UK for two weeks in England (ending on my birthday, which I’ll be spending in London) – and, quite honestly, the thought of packing enough stuff and still being able to carry it and move it around from place to place is stressing me out. I’m an obsessive over-packer: if you give me a suitcase, I’ll find a way to squeeze about 80% of my wardrobe in it. (Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration – but we’re talking ~2 outfits per day of vacation, excluding evening wear.) I imagine every worst-possible-scenario is going to happen and I pack for it: what if I get caught in a downpour and soaked to the bone? what if I spill food on my outfit at every single meal? what if the climate/hotel/restaurant/etc. is unforeseeably hot or cold? The list goes on. Then there’s the whole entertainment situation. I imagine myself reading in cars, on buses, trains, planes, in hotel rooms…and so I pack my current novel and about 2 other (small) books in case I finish the first one (in all actuality, I spend most of my free time napping or staring out the window. Or eating.). And then, I don’t finish any of the books, and I end up lugging around an extra 5 pounds for nothing.

Now that I’m actually going overseas (confession: this is my first time), I really need to pare down my packings so I’m not stuck carting 20 pounds of blouses and cardigans all over England. Hopefully I’ve learned enough from past experiences to be able to determine what I do and don’t need. I made up a general list of my vacation essentials and included it below. I take a second copy of the list on the trip with me and go over it before leaving a hotel to make sure that I re-packed everything I brought with me (is that crazy?).

If you have any packing tips or tricks, please feel free to share!

Additionally, I’m looking for things to do in London – if any of you have been there or have heard of cool things to do, I’d love to hear!



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Wednesday Wish List


Confession: I’ve already started getting excited about fall clothes. As much as I’m enjoying the current season, it’s hard to wear anything but shorts and tee-shirts when it’s 85° out (with 70% humidity, no less) – and that uniform can get a little boring (and quite frankly, depressing) when I see all the bright dresses and patterned blazers hanging in my closet. I found a ton of gorgeous and simple neutral pieces on sale at H&M, plus seriously cool gold jewelry on Baublebar – and it all fits in perfectly with the edgy, slightly sporty vibe I lean towards in the fall months.

1: I’m a total sucker for leather accents, be they faux or real. The stripe down the front of this dress is the perfect statement, and the shape and proportions of the dress are just right – the long sleeves balance out the shorter skirt, which makes it a great transition piece.

2: I was hesitant about the sneaker trend at first, but now I’ve totally jumped on the bandwagon. I’m completely in love with this pair from H&M (and I might have squealed a little when I saw the price). They’re the perfect mix of statement-making pattern and goes-with-everything neutral.

3: I still love statement necklaces. This incredible number from Baublebar is, perhaps, the queen of all statement necklaces. It’s simple and seriously cool.

4: I have a big thing for two-part rings, like this one from Baublebar. With a simple, neutral outfit, it’s really the only accessory you need.

5: This clutch from ASOS is sleek and modern with a cool texture and zipper placement – it reminds me of a modern take on one of my favorite vintage clutches.


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Cumin Lime Black Bean Quinoa Salad


Recently I’ve been examining my eating habits. I eat pretty well (there’s an occasional cookie or bowl of ice cream in the mix), but for some reason I’ve been feeling like I need to eat less meat. It could be the fact that I’ve had a vegan over for a few holidays now, or it could be that I’m simply tired of meat, but a fresh, clean diet has seemed especially appealing lately. I started looking for healthy, vegetarian/vegan recipes this weekend, and stumbled across Oh She Glows – which was, quite honestly, exactly what I was looking for. I hurriedly ran out to the grocery store, grabbed up a ton of fresh produce, and whipped up this recipe for dinner. It all came together perfectly, and it’s so delicious that I’ve been eating the leftovers every day since I made it.

Note: I used a large sweet potato instead of carrots, and I served mine with some mixed greens and a dollop of hummus – you can find my recipe here.


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