Month: June 2014

Drinks Cart


A few weeks back, I talked about the design project I’m working on this summer – creating a studio space. One of the main components of the space is going to be a drinks/snack cart (because food obviously fuels creativity). I can picture this rolling cart from IKEA in the space perfectly – topped with a menagerie of colorful, snack-filled bowls, pretty straws, cheeky coasters and hints of gold.

1. Clean lines, perfectly white, casters, and just the right size – this table has everything.

2. Fun color + graphic stripes and dots make these bowls perfect for light snacks.

3. Love this glitzy bowl for holding fresh, seasonal fruit.

4. Seriously cool geometric plates for holding napkins, straws, and finger foods.

5. Perfect as tiny serving bowls – I love the candy colors and matte finish.

6. Bright coasters bedecked with cheeky phrases from kate spade.

7. Simple, cheery glasses.

8. Glitzy napkins to make a small statement.

9. Love San Pelligrino’s Blood Orange soda – and the pretty packaging.

10. Cool geometric (acrylic) straws for sipping fizzy drinks.

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Life Lately


{A gorgeous peony in my yard – I couldn’t resist posting a picture of one since it’s their time of year}

I said a little while ago that I’m trying to get back into blogging – I know it may not seem like it, but my schedule has started to quickly clear up this week, so I plan on spending my new-found free time writing posts. I also got a new camera this week, so I’m feeling really motivated to make new outfit and food posts – start looking for them next week! As for this weekend, I plan on spending it in the beautiful weather. I also have a guest coming from out of town, and I’ll be whipping up this recipe (which is quickly becoming my go-to summer meal). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


{My poor cat wasn’t too pleased with my taking pictures of her}


{I think my addiction to cacti is getting out of control – I added these to my collection last weekend}


{Chocolate from France in seriously gorgeous packaging}


{Favorite recent purchase: an Edwardian-Art Deco pendant from this awesome Etsy shop}

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The Priority List


Something that’s been on my mind lately is money…I know it’s kind of a touchy subject. I know money doesn’t buy happiness, and I know it’s good to save (and splurge, occasionally). But with a big vacation coming up and my list of things to buy steadily growing, I started to re-evaluate my priorities.

Someone recently recommended to me that I start a priority list – quite obviously, a list that outlines the things that I really do need. I kind of have a mental one, but I tend to disregard it when I see a great summer dress or an amazing necklace (or, more recently, tiny, colorful cacti). Something about having it in writing makes it feel more definite and authoritative.

My list definitely holds things that are luxury items, like a nice quality, versatile tote/purse – clearly not necessary to survival, but having one would make my life a little nicer and easier, especially given that my current totes are old and falling apart.

Topping my list was a DSLR. Given that my blog is pretty image-heavy, high-quality photos are a must – and until yesterday, when I bought a Nikon D3200, my only camera (for my blog and everything else) was my iPhone. I learned how to edit photos pretty well, but there’s only a certain level of quality you can achieve with a phone camera.

There are a few other things on the list, ranging from Photoshop to simple black heels, but keeping the list small is key in making it a little less intimidating and restrictive. It doesn’t mean that I won’t buy something on a whim every once in a while, but it serves as a reminder that if I save instead of spend, it doesn’t mean I’m going without – it just means I’ll get something I really want and need later on.

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Double Take


Casual: Pants/Pouch/Cuff/Sandals
Chic: Skirt/Ring/Earrings/Sandals

Florals and spring are pretty much synonymous. While a dainty pattern has its place, I love the idea of a bold, statement-making floral. This top from Zara is perfect – a loose, breezy fit, and a bold print in colors that don’t feel crazy or overly loud. I love the idea of pairing it with loose, tapered black pants and crisp white accessories for a modern, casual look – but it would look equally as nice with a soft white midi skirt, sparkly gold jewelry and cool leather sandals.

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