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Web Roundup

best of the web feb 2014

Welcome to a new feature! As I turn sarah kate style into more of a lifestyle blog, I’m going to be including an ever-so-slightly wider variety of content. Since I spend my fair share of time on the internet, and periodically find some pretty great stuff, I thought it was only the generous thing to do to share my findings with you (you’re welcome).

1. Flair // has been one of my favorite brands for years, and they’re becoming pretty well-known now – plus, they’re expanding on the stuff they sell. Everything they offer is awesome (if you don’t believe me, check them out here), but right now, I especially love their flair packs, and I’m hoping to add them to my collection of gear soon.

2. Metallic Tee // I am a total sucker for Zara tees. I hoard them. This one is cute, metallic, cheap, and dons an inspirational message. There’s no reason not to buy it.

3. Cool Font // If you know me, you know I am obsessed with fonts. (Seriously, my idea of a fun Friday night is browsing font sites. Okay. that’s kind of an exaggeration, but you get my point.) Typically, I look for the perfect sans serif or pretty script fonts to use in blog collages, but I recently stumbled across this unique one – and I’m smitten. Download it for free here.

4. Cactus Piñatas // I don’t think I’ve encountered a piñata since I was about 8, but I think that has to change. I happen to be obsessed with cacti, which is why I was drawn to these – aren’t they just such a perfectly cute decoration? And they’re not hard to make, which is something I always look for in DIYs (I am supremely un-crafty).

5. Bright Wallpaper // You’ve probably seen the free computer wallpapers over at Design Love Fest (if not, prepare to fall down a rabbit hole of gorgeousness) – and the latest ones are awesome. I’m downloading them right now, and you should too.

6. Chocolate Cake // I have had a huge, intense craving for cake lately. In my search for something quick and delicious to fill the cake-shaped void in my life, I came across this recipe. Certainly not simple, but I really, really want to make it. Maybe someday.

7. Simple DIY // Another DIY. I have no need for a washi tape-covered box, but I want to make a bunch of them. This is for you if you’re in need of cute, creative present-wrapping ideas.

8. Perfect Shop // I found this shop while I was searching for magazines, and they have some really awesome stuff. Stuff I don’t need, but stuff I want nonetheless. Sigh.

9. F21 Branded Shop // Forever 21 has had its ups and downs. The past few years of merchandise have been a bit disappointing, but they’ve recently come out with a curated shop of cool brands – and I have to say, it’s pretty great.

10. Blog I Love // I find everything about this blog immensely appealing. I think it speaks for itself, so head on over and get sucked in.

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Goals for 2015

goals for 2015_2

I always like reading other people’s goals on blogs at the beginning of every year. And while I’m always quick to come up with a thousand ways to better myself, I usually take a week or so to refine my goals, balancing the list with some easier short-term ones and some longer ones that require a little extra dedication. Last year was my year of taking chances – which had mixed results, but it ultimately helped me make better/faster decisions I think. I’m not abandoning that mentality, but I’d like to focus more this year on making myself the person I want to be (oh, god, this is getting cheesy). But I really did a lot of reflecting in 2014, and I now feel so, so good about myself and my life. And then this year, when compiling a list of resolutions, I had a tiny epiphany – nothing novel – I realized that there will never be a perfect time to do all the things I want to and all the things I should do, so I just have to get on it now. And that means forcing myself to do some things that aren’t super easy, like staying on top of my work (I’m a pretty major procrastinator), because I know that’ll make my life so much better and easier. Likewise for establishing a sleep schedule. But other things are fun – like finishing Matchbook magazine’s novel and movie lists. It’s something I’m really excited to do, but it still requires a tiny bit of effort, in that I have to save some time during the week to work on it.

Anyway. Last year I had 14 goals for 2014 (haha, isn’t that cute) but now I’m just sticking to 10 – I don’t want too much on my plate and there are only really 10 things I want to do. So, I’m posting them here again, to hold myself accountable.

1. Finish Matchbook‘s novel (10/50) and movie (26/50) lists

2. Finish my gallery wall (here’s the wall now)

3. Finish the studio (hang up art and buy pillows + accessories)

4. Improve my posture

5. Organize my office and keep it clean

6. Establish (and stick to) a sleep schedule

7. Learn Swedish

8. Go somewhere new

9. Become a vegetarian

10. Stay on top of my work


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