Month: May 2015

Last-Minute Sandal Stock-Up

sandal stock-up

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I have an almost absurd amount of sandals. Flats, platforms, strappy, simple, neutral, bright – you name it, I probably have a pair (and yet, I find myself wearing Birkenstocks more often than not).Since the season of high temperatures and vacations is just around the corner (for most of us), I thought it was only appropriate to share some of my summer shoe picks in case you haven’t stocked up yet, or are in need of a new pair for the season. I’m a sucker for Birks, especially this gorgeous coral pair – but I’m also in love with the sporty-luxe vibe of these sandals.

What’s your favorite pair? Do you prefer brights or neutrals?

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Bright Maxi Dress

maxi dress 7 edited

H&M Dress // Vintage clutch // Steve Madden sandals // kate spade ring

Like last week, this is another sort-of boring/simple outfit, but that’s because I think this dress looks pretty good on its own. I tend not to wear a bunch of jangly bracelets or layers of necklaces, instead sticking to the statement accessory here and there and wearing clothes that speak for themselves (yikes that sounds cheesy) – like patterned pants, a graphic tee, or, in this case, a bright orange maxi dress. Hooray for comfort and ease!

(Also – some of the pictures may make me look it, but I promise you I’m not translucent.)

maxi dress 6maxi dress 3maxi dress 4 editedmaxi dress 1 edited

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Color Splash

color splash

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Perhaps it’s my inner magpie, but I’m a little bit obsessed with anything shiny, especially gold. It feels so luxe, as it’s supposed to, which is why I love it even more when it’s found on something unusual or run-of-the-mill – like a simple bowl or a pocket notebook.But gold also works really well with clothes, since it can add a glittery touch to a plain t-shirt, or make an all out statement (I’m obsessed with these shoes – how great would they look with, well, everything?). And, if you’re not quite on the all-gold-everything bandwagon yet, this phone case (which I have and love) is the perfect metallic accent.

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Life Lately

life lately 1

•This New Yorker cover was so good, I framed it for my gallery wall•

This week has been pretty relaxed. It’s felt so nice getting back into blogging, and I intend to keep up with posting regularly – I’m feeling so inspired lately. Last weekend was my first farmer’s market visit of the year (it’s been closed the past two weeks for reasons you probably saw on the news) and though the weather is a little more summery than I’d like (ehem, raging thunderstorms and 80% humidity), I’m getting back into my spring/summer rhythm and it’s making me feel so happy. I’ve also gotten back in touch with the lovely Nathalie, whose newly redone blog you should all totally check out. Here are some of the highlights from my life lately – have a great weekend!

life lately 2

These trees (from Trohv, naturally) are a recent acquisition and they make me ridiculously happy•

life lately 3

•Greens and reading material – can’t wait to dig into the latest issues of Anthology, Sweet Paul and Kinfolk (pots from IKEA, tray from Target)•

life lately 4

•Baltimore looking extra beautiful in the evening•

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