Month: June 2015

My Favorite Simple Lunch


I’m not a big lunch person. Mostly I blame the fact that I don’t really know what to eat for lunch, so I stick to yogurt or leftovers most days. But a while ago I saw this post on Design Love Fest and was instantly inspired (and excited). That looks healthy! I thought. I can do that! So I did, and I changed it around, and I’ve eaten it about four times already – and it takes a little less than 15 minutes to make. It’s simple, fresh food at its finest.

For rice, I used a Minute Ready to Serve brown rice cup which is the perfect serving size (I have them stockpiled in my pantry). You microwave it for a minute and it’s perfect. I don’t even want to know why that works. I fill half of a giant bowl with rice (leftovers of any kind of rice would work well here), the other half with mixed salad greens, and throw about a third of a can of black beans on top (the other 2/3 means you can have this for lunch two more times!). Then I drizzle it with olive oil, throw on some sea salt, garlic powder (about 1/2 teaspoon), red pepper flakes, and chopped green onions, just because I had them on hand. Then top it with a poached egg (just gently plop an egg in a shallow pan of boiling water, then push it around for about 5 minutes – voilà! A perfectly poached egg) and enjoy!

DSC_0529 DSC_0549 DSC_0556DSC_0564


Doesn’t that look like a party in a bowl?!

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Life Lately

life lately 1

•Gorgeous peony in my yard (which, sadly, has been destroyed in recent thunderstorms)•

This week has been off-the-charts fantastic. I’ve begun to settle into a summer routine, I’ve actually gotten up early and exercised every day this week, I’ve begun to meditate, and I’ve finished three books since last Thursday. I’ve also been cleaning like a crazy person, and I hope to share some of that next week (my office is under control and it feels insanely good). I feel fresh and ready to simplify my life, which is what I’ve been looking for. And then, this morning, America made history and I’m ecstatic. Love wins. (And it’s Friday!)

life lately 2

•Yummy (and beautiful) breakfast quiche•

life lately 3

•IKEA chocolates in the prettiest packaging•

life lately 5

•The sky looking extra cool/creepy (and yellow) after a terrible storm•

life lately 4

•So excited to read these books, which were random presents from my awesome dad (1, 2, 3)•

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Best of the Web

best of the web

1. Dino Love // Public service announcement: I’ve found what is perhaps the cutest statement clutch, ever. (And it’s black so it goes with everything.)

2. C’est Français // I totally love these cute (and timely!) French news cartoons – they’re for children so the language and topics are simple enough. I’m going to start watching them regularly to keep my French strong (use it or lose it, right?) – won’t you join me?

3. Wanderlust // I’ve had an especially strong desire to travel lately, and Bri Emery’s snaps from all over Europe are definitely not helping. Dreaming about a trip to the Netherlands right about now…

4. Thug Kitchen // This has been my go-to website/cookbook for a while now – besides their hysterically profuse cursing, all of their recipes are vegan, simple and (almost always) totally delicious.

5. Weekday Carnival // This one I’m most excited about – Weekday Carnival has long been among my favorite blogs (it’s my favorite interior design/decor blog, no question), and Riikka is back to blogging after a year-long hiatus! Go over and check it out now.

6. On Repeat // Have you listened to Of Monsters and Men’s new album yet? If your answer is anything other than yes, I’ll give you a minute to pull it up on Spotify. Listen to it now. I’ve listened to it on repeat for about 4 hours every day since last Monday (is that crazy?). It’s that good. Every song is perfect. (Be sure to give their equally fantastic first album a listen too if you haven’t already.)

7. // Following through with one of my summer to-dos, I’ve started meditating using this app – and I don’t think I can recommend it highly enough. 10 minutes of guided meditation has become my favorite way to start the day, and something I look forward to.

8. What’s in a Name? // I got sort of lost in this rabbit hole of a website one day, and found this post particularly fascinating – it actually gets cooler the further you read. (And I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but it reminded me a lot of this Time interactive, which, admittedly, I spent way too much time playing with.)

9. Inspiring Notebooks // I kind of hoard notebooks, and I definitely don’t need any more (I have enough unused ones as it is), but I’m totally in love with these that I saw on Instagram. Not sure what I’d do with them, but they make me happy!

10. Kaftan Crush // If I had room in my closet for a kaftan, I’d probably pick this one – maybe because it’s my favorite shade of yellow, maybe because it has such delicate and beautiful embroidery…or maybe because it’s the same colors as the Swedish flag.

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Swedish Cinnamon Buns

buns 5


I think writing this post got me thinking about Swedish things, like the traditional delicious pastries and cookies my family always makes at Christmas time. I was craving something similarly warm and sweet for breakfast this weekend, and remembered that I got a cookbook from IKEA a while back, so I found a recipe for cinnamon buns that sounded like just what I wanted. I mixed up the dough and filling the night before, and assembled them the next morning, which worked out perfectly and left the house smelling heavenly.

buns 1 buns 2 buns 3 buns 4buns 6

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Currently Obsessed With

currently obsessed with 2

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

This installment of Currently Obsessed With features my latest favorite, tassels and fringe. Not too long ago I got a necklace a lot like this one in yellow and it’s the perfect delicate, summery embellishment, and these shoes remind me a lot of one of my favorite pairs of flats – smoking slippers and tassels? Sign me up. (Plus, they’re in the perfect all-year shade.) I’m also in love with this bracelet, which feels like a tiny party garland for your wrist (and how could you not love that?). I also love the color and shape of this bag – and its tassel adornments – while this less monochromatic one feels like something you’d pick up on an exotic vacation. I’m also starting to feel like I need a fringe-y kimono to throw on over everything when it gets cool and breezy at night.

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