Madewell sweater, Gap jeans (similar, and on sale!), Steve Madden booties, Skagen purse (on sale), Madewell earrings

New Year’s is one of my favorite times of year, for all the cliched reasons you’d expect – a fresh start, the optimism that comes with a new beginning, the thought that this is finally the year I’m going to eat healthier/read more/become an all around better person. And of course, it’s usually not, but every year I find myself getting just a little bit closer to actually making lasting personal change. I started coming up with some tiny, achievable, open-ended goals back in December and wrote them down in a pocket-sized notebook, the idea being that if I carry my resolutions around with me, I’ll be forced to keep them in mind…maybe…

Regardless, making time to come blog here is one of my few firm resolutions. I stopped doing it because I was just so busy doing other things, and I told myself that I’d come back to it once I wasn’t busy anymore, and then I realized: I am probably always going to be busy. So I just have to do it despite a lack of time. Of course, though, I’ve been on vacation, so that makes it seem a lot more doable. We’ll see.

So here I am, with news of the best purchase I made in 2016: this pom pom sweater from Madewell. It’s the perfect winter white color, comfortably loose without being baggy, and not to mention it’s softer than any sweater has a right to be. I took it for a spin at the Baltimore Museum of Art, where I went to see their current Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibition (which was absolutely amazing, by the way – check it out if you’re in the area through March, and after that it’ll be at the SFMOMA).

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