Hi there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been thinking about this space for a while, coming up with ideas, finding things I want to share and talk about, and then I always run out of time or get so busy I forget — and then poof! a whole year goes by.

I’m back, now (hopefully) — and with a purpose. I’ve always struggled my weight, and I’m finally ready to actually do something about it. Medically speaking, I’m perfectly healthy, but I’m just not comfortable in my skin. This year especially I’ve felt myself gaining weight and making choices that leave me feeling bloated and sluggish. I’ve even been struggling with sleep — anxiety keeps me up until well past midnight, and then I wake up just in time to scarf down breakfast and catch my bus. I’ve been using the excuse that it’s been a hard year (even though we’re not a full two months in!) and just eating whatever I want as consolation. But then the other night I was watching Netflix and mindlessly eating fistfuls of cereal, when a little voice in my mind said: what are you doing? 

I wasn’t really living. I was giving myself barely enough time to do the things I had to do and leaving no time for cooking, grocery shopping, or exercising (or even doing things I love like reading!). I ended up eating whatever processed junk was laying around in my pantry or freezer and supplementing with way too much snacking. I spent almost all of my day sitting down. What happened to running? I used to do it all the time and loved it. Same with yoga — although as soon as I made that a habit last year, I broke my wrist and was out of commission for two months. I kept telling myself that I’d start being healthy next week, next month, once it gets warmer, and so on. But what am I really waiting for? There’s no time like the present.

So! It’s a Saturday, near the end of February, and today I start being healthier. I did yoga yesterday. I went to Trader Joe’s this morning to stock up on vegetables. I’ll admit, not every choice I’ve made today has been perfect — i.e., I had a piece of banana bread for breakfast — but I’m aiming for progress. I want to cut my sugar habit, exercise a few times a week, and make more intentional choices. My primary goal is getting in shape, but I’m also looking at this as a chance to do a lifestyle overhaul — I’m thinking increased mindfulness, watching less TV, and getting off my phone. I’m posting here to keep me accountable.

Food // I’m looking to seriously up my veggie intake. I’m going to avoid carbs — i.e. stop eating pasta for every other meal — but I won’t be mad if some slip in. I want to cut added sugar out of my diet as much as possible. Instead of topping my morning oatmeal with brown sugar, I’ll top it with fruit. Instead of flavored (and high-in-sugar) yogurt for lunch, I’m going for colorful salads or grain bowls. Come snack time, no more fistfuls of cereal! I’m going back to the classic apple and peanut butter.

Exercise // I do love yoga, and I’m going to aim to do it every morning. But I’d also love to get back into running — I want to try twice a week to start, and move on from there. I’m committed to spending less time on the sofa watching Netflix and more time being active, even if that means vacuuming or going for a walk and listening to a podcast or dancing in the kitchen while I make dinner.

Mental health // My big challenge — which I’ve already started on — is getting off of social media. I took Instagram off my phone about a month ago, and it’s gone pretty well. I didn’t spend too much time on Facebook to begin with, but I’ve logged out on my computer to help me resist the temptation. Twitter is my kryptonite, though. I haven’t been on it in a week, which is the longest I think I’ve ever gone. Some nights I cheat and fall down an Instagram hole on my computer, but for the most part it’s gone okay. I’m also looking to really make meditation a habit — I’ve come so close so many times but I always give it up.

I’ll pop in every week with an update on what I’ve been eating, how I’ve been exercising, and how I’ve been feeling. I’m looking forward to making more intentional, fulfilling choices!

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