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1. Dino Love // Public service announcement: I’ve found what is perhaps the cutest statement clutch, ever. (And it’s black so it goes with everything.)

2. C’est Français // I totally love these cute (and timely!) French news cartoons – they’re for children so the language and topics are simple enough. I’m going to start watching them regularly to keep my French strong (use it or lose it, right?) – won’t you join me?

3. Wanderlust // I’ve had an especially strong desire to travel lately, and Bri Emery’s snaps from all over Europe are definitely not helping. Dreaming about a trip to the Netherlands right about now…

4. Thug Kitchen // This has been my go-to website/cookbook for a while now – besides their hysterically profuse cursing, all of their recipes are vegan, simple and (almost always) totally delicious.

5. Weekday Carnival // This one I’m most excited about – Weekday Carnival has long been among my favorite blogs (it’s my favorite interior design/decor blog, no question), and Riikka is back to blogging after a year-long hiatus! Go over and check it out now.

6. On Repeat // Have you listened to Of Monsters and Men’s new album yet? If your answer is anything other than yes, I’ll give you a minute to pull it up on Spotify. Listen to it now. I’ve listened to it on repeat for about 4 hours every day since last Monday (is that crazy?). It’s that good. Every song is perfect. (Be sure to give their equally fantastic first album a listen too if you haven’t already.)

7. // Following through with one of my summer to-dos, I’ve started meditating using this app – and I don’t think I can recommend it highly enough. 10 minutes of guided meditation has become my favorite way to start the day, and something I look forward to.

8. What’s in a Name? // I got sort of lost in this rabbit hole of a website one day, and found this post particularly fascinating – it actually gets cooler the further you read. (And I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but it reminded me a lot of this Time interactive, which, admittedly, I spent way too much time playing with.)

9. Inspiring Notebooks // I kind of hoard notebooks, and I definitely don’t need any more (I have enough unused ones as it is), but I’m totally in love with these that I saw on Instagram. Not sure what I’d do with them, but they make me happy!

10. Kaftan Crush // If I had room in my closet for a kaftan, I’d probably pick this one – maybe because it’s my favorite shade of yellow, maybe because it has such delicate and beautiful embroidery…or maybe because it’s the same colors as the Swedish flag.

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