As I said in Friday’s post, I went to New York City for the weekend – and what a weekend it was. I hopped all over Manhattan and probably walked 10 miles, but I saw lots of sights and squeezed in a healthy dose of shopping on the Upper East Side (alright, so it was more like an entire day). Some of my favorite parts of the trip? Going to Mood (just the fact that I’ve stood where Tim Gunn has gives me chills) and grabbing some Marc Jacobs daisy print fabric (yes, I now own the fabric used to make pieces like this), watching New York City at night from the 37th floor of my (gorgeous) hotel, visiting the 789 Madison Avenue Kate Spade flagship store (I’d like to live there), and, last but not least, eating breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m going back ASAP – until then, I have a boatload of fantastic memories (I might or might not have taken 330 iPhone pictures) to tide me over. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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