I’m always pinning things on my bulletin boards, but the plain wood frames and brown cork are less than my idea of chic. So it seemed appropriate that I redo them along with my office. I purchased a third of a yard of fabric for each board and painted the frames with primer and two coats of high-gloss white spray paint.

If you like, paint the frames first. Slide cardstock under the frame on the cork side to protect it from paint and tape it down. Paint the frame with primer and let dry. Paint the frame with two coats of spray paint and let dry.


Flip the boards so the cork is facing up. Measure the fabric so that it covers the board, including the frame. Lay it on top of the board. Iron the fabric if necessary.



Use a putty knife or letter opener to tuck the excess fabric under the frame.




Staple down the fabric about every two inches as close to the frame as possible with a staple gun.

If you like, glue cording around the inside edge of the frame with craft glue so it covers the staples. Let dry.

Hang and enjoy!

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