life lately

Life Lately

life lately 1

•Gorgeous peony in my yard (which, sadly, has been destroyed in recent thunderstorms)•

This week has been off-the-charts fantastic. I’ve begun to settle into a summer routine, I’ve actually gotten up early and exercised every day this week, I’ve begun to meditate, and I’ve finished three books since last Thursday. I’ve also been cleaning like a crazy person, and I hope to share some of that next week (my office is under control and it feels insanely good). I feel fresh and ready to simplify my life, which is what I’ve been looking for. And then, this morning, America made history and I’m ecstatic. Love wins. (And it’s Friday!)

life lately 2

•Yummy (and beautiful) breakfast quiche•

life lately 3

•IKEA chocolates in the prettiest packaging•

life lately 5

•The sky looking extra cool/creepy (and yellow) after a terrible storm•

life lately 4

•So excited to read these books, which were random presents from my awesome dad (1, 2, 3)•

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Life Lately

life lately 1

•This New Yorker cover was so good, I framed it for my gallery wall•

This week has been pretty relaxed. It’s felt so nice getting back into blogging, and I intend to keep up with posting regularly – I’m feeling so inspired lately. Last weekend was my first farmer’s market visit of the year (it’s been closed the past two weeks for reasons you probably saw on the news) and though the weather is a little more summery than I’d like (ehem, raging thunderstorms and 80% humidity), I’m getting back into my spring/summer rhythm and it’s making me feel so happy. I’ve also gotten back in touch with the lovely Nathalie, whose newly redone blog you should all totally check out. Here are some of the highlights from my life lately – have a great weekend!

life lately 2

These trees (from Trohv, naturally) are a recent acquisition and they make me ridiculously happy•

life lately 3

•Greens and reading material – can’t wait to dig into the latest issues of Anthology, Sweet Paul and Kinfolk (pots from IKEA, tray from Target)•

life lately 4

•Baltimore looking extra beautiful in the evening•

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Life Lately


{Bright new lumbar pillow from IKEA (owl pillow here, chair here)}

This has been a pretty great week – it’s finally beginning to feel like summer, and I’ve had plenty of time to work on the blog and pack for vacation. I leave for the UK this weekend, so I’m hoping to write a few posts in advance and blog a little along the way when I have Wi-Fi. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (I can guarantee I’ll be posting a ton) and check back here for new content. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


{Neapolitan parfaits I made for breakfast last weekend}


{Pretty shasta daisies growing in my yard}


{I think I’m officially the last person to read this book – it by no means changed my life, but I laughed and cried a good bit throughout}


{Packing, packing, packing…lots of blazers, jackets, and printed pants involved}

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Life Lately


{A gorgeous peony in my yard – I couldn’t resist posting a picture of one since it’s their time of year}

I said a little while ago that I’m trying to get back into blogging – I know it may not seem like it, but my schedule has started to quickly clear up this week, so I plan on spending my new-found free time writing posts. I also got a new camera this week, so I’m feeling really motivated to make new outfit and food posts – start looking for them next week! As for this weekend, I plan on spending it in the beautiful weather. I also have a guest coming from out of town, and I’ll be whipping up this recipe (which is quickly becoming my go-to summer meal). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


{My poor cat wasn’t too pleased with my taking pictures of her}


{I think my addiction to cacti is getting out of control – I added these to my collection last weekend}


{Chocolate from France in seriously gorgeous packaging}


{Favorite recent purchase: an Edwardian-Art Deco pendant from this awesome Etsy shop}

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Life Lately


{Woke up at 4:30 last weekend to see hot air balloons inflate and launch}

This week went pretty fast – probably because I only had three days of doing real work. I got my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday and am spending today recovering, with a stack of my favorite movies and a bunch of smoothies. Despite the pain and discomfort, these days of nothing but rest and recovery are exactly what I need right now. I hope you all had a great week, and have a great long weekend!


{A seriously epic portobello mushroom sandwich at the farmer’s market – pocketless pita, field greens, marinated mushrooms, feta, huge basil leaves and tangy hot sauce}


{A pretty new succulent + cactus to sit on the side table in my room, in old pots from my grandmother}


{Baltimore looking especially pretty on a recent night out}


{My favorite appetizer, ever – kaddo borwani – at my favorite restaurant}

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