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beauty faves

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been cleaning like crazy lately. My bathroom was not exempt, and I ended up realizing that I thought I had a lot more makeup than I actually did – rather, I had a lot of makeup, but a lot of it was really old and bad. So, not-so-unfortunately, I had to make a trip to Sephora to re-stock – and I decided to splurge a tiny bit and get some higher-quality, longer lasting products. Here’s my take on them:
Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! // This is actually my first legitimate highlighter, and I’m in love. Aside from the beautiful packaging, this highlighter is shimmery without being over-the-top, and the color is a soft champagne. The formula is a creamy stick that turns into a powder and melts into your skin. I’ve found that I like to blend with my fingers, but there’s a small blending sponge on the other end if you prefer.
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola // I actually bought this a while ago, but only started using it recently (because all the other times of the year my skin is way too pasty white). A little goes a long way, and the powder is very fine and blends pretty easily. I use it on my forehead, a little down my nose, and along my cheeks and jawline, for a slightly less ghost-like complexion.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil // I’d been using Sephora brand eyeliner for a long time, but I only now realize what I’ve been missing out on. It’s a little pricey, but so well worth it – it’s just so easy and un-fussy and smooth to put on. Plus, it’s definitely going to last for a while. I got Smoke, but I can’t wait to try out some more adventurous shades.
Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 // This is officially my favorite foundation. I got a tiny sample bottle in a Clinique bonus offer a while ago, and after using half the tube I became a little distraught and started mixing it with my daily facial moisturizer (half out of curiosity, half out of wanting to make it last as long as possible) – which turned out to be a great idea, because it makes the ideal tinted moisturizer. I’m pretty cheap, but I decided this is something I can no longer live without and got a full size bottle – and its nozzle is perfect for dispensing just a little bit to mix with moisturizer.
I’d love to know what your beauty essentials are! I definitely need some recommendations.

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Zara Sale Picks

zara sale picks

Moose top // Loafers // Plaid trousers // Black and gold oxfords // Gold oxfords // Embellished tee // Scarf // Sequin sweater // Necklace // Earrings // Jacket // Kimono coat // Trousers // Suede top

It’s probably pathetic to say that the Zara sale is one of the most anticipated events of the year for me, so I won’t. I’ve undoubtedly mentioned on here before that I use the bi-annual blowouts to stock up on basics (and some fun statement pieces) for the next season, and this time is no exception. It’s kind of terrible how excited I get about fall clothes this early, when I haven’t even worn all of my summer dresses yet! Still, I can’t miss the opportunity to grab some soft layering pieces (I just got this sweater jacket in the mail and it’s the softest, coziest thing I’ve ever felt). I also snapped up this blouse in the cutest print (it’s more beige, less blush in person) and these pants, which are stretchy but tailored. Plus these shoes that I started swooning over here are only $20…(so naturally I got them). And for those of you looking – these are the kind of flats I wear all fall/winter long (they go with everything), and how chic is this kimono coat? That zipper…

Anyone else already excited for next season’s clothes? (P.S. Don’t miss Anthropologie’s sale either – I got a burgundy crop sweater for just $16!)

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Color Splash

color splash

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15

Yellow has, in recent times, become one of my favorite colors. It’s aggressively happy and I think it’s almost impossible not to feel good when you’re wearing it. That said, I realize the color doesn’t suit everyone – which is okay, because yellow is also a fantastic color for decor! This dress is so mod, and I’m completely in love with these sandals (they’re on sale!). I also love yellow baubles – anyone for tasseled earrings or a dainty neon-dipped ring? I also love this stapler and ruler to brighten up your desk, and this silicone-coated teapot is both classically fancy and ultra modern at the same time. And who doesn’t love a quirky throw pillow? Plus, this book is a kind of fun, whimsical read, but – shh! – I mostly love it for its super pretty glow-in-the-dark cover.

P.S. I just got this bright yellow pot from IKEA and I can’t wait to plant my happy little Kalanchoe in it!

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Currently Obsessed With

currently obsessed with 2

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This installment of Currently Obsessed With features my latest favorite, tassels and fringe. Not too long ago I got a necklace a lot like this one in yellow and it’s the perfect delicate, summery embellishment, and these shoes remind me a lot of one of my favorite pairs of flats – smoking slippers and tassels? Sign me up. (Plus, they’re in the perfect all-year shade.) I’m also in love with this bracelet, which feels like a tiny party garland for your wrist (and how could you not love that?). I also love the color and shape of this bag – and its tassel adornments – while this less monochromatic one feels like something you’d pick up on an exotic vacation. I’m also starting to feel like I need a fringe-y kimono to throw on over everything when it gets cool and breezy at night.

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Leopard Jumpsuit

jumpsuit 7

H&M jumpsuit (recent, but not online) | Steve Madden sandals (old, similar here) | Marc Jacobs clutch (similar gold option here) | Forever 21 earrings | Vintage necklace

This past weekend I went shopping sort of spontaneously, and decided I would allow myself only a few small purchases. Going in, I knew I was sort of intrigued by jumpsuits, but I wasn’t sure how I’d look in one – and I stumbled across this one in H&M. Have you ever seen teal, navy and coral leopard print?! It was pretty much love at first sight. And as luck would have it, it fit perfectly, with pockets and a tie waist to boot. I’m now totally a jumpsuit convert. They’re the new maxi dress. The sleeves on this one remind me of a kimono, especially since the top wraps in the front, but the whole thing feels as comfortable as pajamas. Go get a jumpsuit. You won’t regret it.

As for the earrings, they were sort of a consolation prize for myself for making it through the store alive (the one I went to was a bit of a nightmare). I’d seen earrings like these before, but wasn’t sure how much I would like or wear them if I had a pair, so I dropped $5 on these and I kind of love them. They’re the perfect dainty-but-still-slightly-edgy accessory.

So, it was a successful trip (also largely because I found the latest Kinfolk in Anthro). I made it out with the perfect outfit for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra the next day – and I snagged some pictures by the cool sculpture out front, right before a torrential downpour.

jumpsuit 5jumpsuit 4jumpsuit 2jumpsuit 3jumpsuit 6jumpsuit 1

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