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Best of the Web

best of the web 2

1. Sweater Love // I’ve been looking to stock up on extra-warm sweaters lately, and H&M was my first stop (as always). This one is unbelievably soft, substantial and not itchy, and the pattern works all season long.

2. Pep Talk Generator // This website is just the thing if you’re feeling down, or stressed out, or if you just need a little reassurance. It’s exactly what it says it is: a pep talk generator.

3. French Pop // I saw this music video a while ago – and while the song is catchy (despite the fact that it’s about a cheating girlfriend), it’s the video that I really love. It’s such a creative interpretation of the lyrics, and it’s just beautiful to watch.

4. Sweden Dreaming // Motherhood Around the World is easily my favorite feature on Cup of Jo, and this is the installment I was waiting for: parenting in Sweden. I fully intend to live there one day, and this post reconfirmed my love for the country (like this sentiment: “It’s cold and rainy, so let’s go to IKEA!”)

5. IKEA // Little known fact (haha): I’m sort of obsessed with IKEA. I was just there the other day, and aside from a bunch of magical Christmas decorations, they have new stuffed animals that were designed by children across the world. And naturally, they’re all perfectly quirky – like this neon unicorn.

6. Funny Stuff // I saw this link on Cup of Jo a while back, and I think it’s just too funny – these are the three universal New Yorker cartoon captions.

7. Short Stories // Like the (very weird) stories, love the cover.

8. Must-Read // In case you don’t watch Orange is the New Black, or if you don’t remember Piper’s rant on this subject, please read this article. It’s about everyone’s favorite poem, “The Road Not Taken,” and how everyone completely misinterprets it. 

9. For Food Lovers // I haven’t watched this whole series yet, but it’s very cool – and guaranteed to make you hungry.

10. Cream Scones // I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made these scones in the last month – they’re quick to make and without a doubt the best scones I’ve ever had. Make them at your own risk.

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Best of the Web

best of the web

1. Dino Love // Public service announcement: I’ve found what is perhaps the cutest statement clutch, ever. (And it’s black so it goes with everything.)

2. C’est Français // I totally love these cute (and timely!) French news cartoons – they’re for children so the language and topics are simple enough. I’m going to start watching them regularly to keep my French strong (use it or lose it, right?) – won’t you join me?

3. Wanderlust // I’ve had an especially strong desire to travel lately, and Bri Emery’s snaps from all over Europe are definitely not helping. Dreaming about a trip to the Netherlands right about now…

4. Thug Kitchen // This has been my go-to website/cookbook for a while now – besides their hysterically profuse cursing, all of their recipes are vegan, simple and (almost always) totally delicious.

5. Weekday Carnival // This one I’m most excited about – Weekday Carnival has long been among my favorite blogs (it’s my favorite interior design/decor blog, no question), and Riikka is back to blogging after a year-long hiatus! Go over and check it out now.

6. On Repeat // Have you listened to Of Monsters and Men’s new album yet? If your answer is anything other than yes, I’ll give you a minute to pull it up on Spotify. Listen to it now. I’ve listened to it on repeat for about 4 hours every day since last Monday (is that crazy?). It’s that good. Every song is perfect. (Be sure to give their equally fantastic first album a listen too if you haven’t already.)

7. Calm.com // Following through with one of my summer to-dos, I’ve started meditating using this app – and I don’t think I can recommend it highly enough. 10 minutes of guided meditation has become my favorite way to start the day, and something I look forward to.

8. What’s in a Name? // I got sort of lost in this rabbit hole of a website one day, and found this post particularly fascinating – it actually gets cooler the further you read. (And I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but it reminded me a lot of this Time interactive, which, admittedly, I spent way too much time playing with.)

9. Inspiring Notebooks // I kind of hoard notebooks, and I definitely don’t need any more (I have enough unused ones as it is), but I’m totally in love with these that I saw on Instagram. Not sure what I’d do with them, but they make me happy!

10. Kaftan Crush // If I had room in my closet for a kaftan, I’d probably pick this one – maybe because it’s my favorite shade of yellow, maybe because it has such delicate and beautiful embroidery…or maybe because it’s the same colors as the Swedish flag.

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Web Roundup

best of the web feb 2014

Welcome to a new feature! As I turn sarah kate style into more of a lifestyle blog, I’m going to be including an ever-so-slightly wider variety of content. Since I spend my fair share of time on the internet, and periodically find some pretty great stuff, I thought it was only the generous thing to do to share my findings with you (you’re welcome).

1. Flair // Ban.do has been one of my favorite brands for years, and they’re becoming pretty well-known now – plus, they’re expanding on the stuff they sell. Everything they offer is awesome (if you don’t believe me, check them out here), but right now, I especially love their flair packs, and I’m hoping to add them to my collection of ban.do gear soon.

2. Metallic Tee // I am a total sucker for Zara tees. I hoard them. This one is cute, metallic, cheap, and dons an inspirational message. There’s no reason not to buy it.

3. Cool Font // If you know me, you know I am obsessed with fonts. (Seriously, my idea of a fun Friday night is browsing font sites. Okay. that’s kind of an exaggeration, but you get my point.) Typically, I look for the perfect sans serif or pretty script fonts to use in blog collages, but I recently stumbled across this unique one – and I’m smitten. Download it for free here.

4. Cactus Piñatas // I don’t think I’ve encountered a piñata since I was about 8, but I think that has to change. I happen to be obsessed with cacti, which is why I was drawn to these – aren’t they just such a perfectly cute decoration? And they’re not hard to make, which is something I always look for in DIYs (I am supremely un-crafty).

5. Bright Wallpaper // You’ve probably seen the free computer wallpapers over at Design Love Fest (if not, prepare to fall down a rabbit hole of gorgeousness) – and the latest ones are awesome. I’m downloading them right now, and you should too.

6. Chocolate Cake // I have had a huge, intense craving for cake lately. In my search for something quick and delicious to fill the cake-shaped void in my life, I came across this recipe. Certainly not simple, but I really, really want to make it. Maybe someday.

7. Simple DIY // Another DIY. I have no need for a washi tape-covered box, but I want to make a bunch of them. This is for you if you’re in need of cute, creative present-wrapping ideas.

8. Perfect Shop // I found this shop while I was searching for magazines, and they have some really awesome stuff. Stuff I don’t need, but stuff I want nonetheless. Sigh.

9. F21 Branded Shop // Forever 21 has had its ups and downs. The past few years of merchandise have been a bit disappointing, but they’ve recently come out with a curated shop of cool brands – and I have to say, it’s pretty great.

10. Blog I Love // I find everything about this blog immensely appealing. I think it speaks for itself, so head on over and get sucked in.

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