wednesday wishlist

Wednesday Wish List


Confession: I’ve already started getting excited about fall clothes. As much as I’m enjoying the current season, it’s hard to wear anything but shorts and tee-shirts when it’s 85° out (with 70% humidity, no less) – and that uniform can get a little boring (and quite frankly, depressing) when I see all the bright dresses and patterned blazers hanging in my closet. I found a ton of gorgeous and simple neutral pieces on sale at H&M, plus seriously cool gold jewelry on Baublebar – and it all fits in perfectly with the edgy, slightly sporty vibe I lean towards in the fall months.

1: I’m a total sucker for leather accents, be they faux or real. The stripe down the front of this dress is the perfect statement, and the shape and proportions of the dress are just right – the long sleeves balance out the shorter skirt, which makes it a great transition piece.

2: I was hesitant about the sneaker trend at first, but now I’ve totally jumped on the bandwagon. I’m completely in love with this pair from H&M (and I might have squealed a little when I saw the price). They’re the perfect mix of statement-making pattern and goes-with-everything neutral.

3: I still love statement necklaces. This incredible number from Baublebar is, perhaps, the queen of all statement necklaces. It’s simple and seriously cool.

4: I have a big thing for two-part rings, like this one from Baublebar. With a simple, neutral outfit, it’s really the only accessory you need.

5: This clutch from ASOS is sleek and modern with a cool texture and zipper placement – it reminds me of a modern take on one of my favorite vintage clutches.


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Wednesday Wish List


1: Apparently I have a thing for zebras on shirts. I got a sweater from Zara months ago (last seen here) with a huge zebra on the front, and now there’s this crop top…I think it’s pretty weird. And I love it.

2: I love skirts. I always have. But up until recent times, they were all short (read: knee-length and above). That all changed when I got my first maxi skirt last summer. And then came the midi skirt, which for whatever reason I thought would be horribly unflattering. so I took the plunge, bought one, and was obsessed. And I found this one not too long ago, and I think I need it, even though it’s seriously over-the-top girly.

3: Oh, Zara, you really can do no wrong. I’ve been secretly obsessed with the Birkenstock dorky-chic trend since it started…but they’re kind of expensive, and I’m a little scared I won’t be into it anymore once I get a pair. These are even better, in their price and everything else. Basically Birkenstocks, but with less buckles. Minimalist. Shiny. Pink. That’s what I’m all about.

4: I thought I’d get over the whole statement earring thing. I thought I’d be convinced out of hoarding them for one reason or another – the earlobe pain they inflict, the usually astronomically high prices, the need to wear simple clothes with them so you don’t look totally gaudy and/or crazy. And I’ve gotten over all of that (and have also embraced wearing statement earrings with everything). I just bought these. And these. And these navy ones would just look too good with spring pastels…I might just have to get them.

5: I seem to gravitate towards clutches. And the minaudiére is the queen of clutches. Sure, it’s probably the least practical form of purse ever, but they’re just too cute. (And like I said above, Zara really can do no wrong. Black and white? Geometric? Leather? Yeah. I want it.)

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Wednesday Wishlist




Right now, I love the idea of wearing a simple tee (especially in this way-cool ikat print) with cuffed denim, and layering on simple but edgy jewelry. I’ve also been kind of obsessed with these sneakers since I saw them in the Madewell store a few weeks ago, and I think they’d be the perfect addition to just about any casual Saturday look.

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Wednesday Wishlist




One of my most recent color obsessions is purple. I’m wearing lilac jeans as I type this with pastel purple polished fingers. So naturally, I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it on Madewell’s website. It’s colors like these that make me want to pick flowers or go on a picnic – all in all, colors that make me love springtime.

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