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Yellow has, in recent times, become one of my favorite colors. It’s aggressively happy and I think it’s almost impossible not to feel good when you’re wearing it. That said, I realize the color doesn’t suit everyone – which is okay, because yellow is also a fantastic color for decor! This dress is so mod, and I’m completely in love with these sandals (they’re on sale!). I also love yellow baubles – anyone for tasseled earrings or a dainty neon-dipped ring? I also love this stapler and ruler to brighten up your desk, and this silicone-coated teapot is both classically fancy and ultra modern at the same time. And who doesn’t love a quirky throw pillow? Plus, this book is a kind of fun, whimsical read, but – shh! – I mostly love it for its super pretty glow-in-the-dark cover.

P.S. I just got this bright yellow pot from IKEA and I can’t wait to plant my happy little Kalanchoe in it!

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