Recently I’ve been examining my eating habits. I eat pretty well (there’s an occasional cookie or bowl of ice cream in the mix), but for some reason I’ve been feeling like I need to eat less meat. It could be the fact that I’ve had a vegan over for a few holidays now, or it could be that I’m simply tired of meat, but a fresh, clean diet has seemed especially appealing lately. I started looking for healthy, vegetarian/vegan recipes this weekend, and stumbled across Oh She Glows – which was, quite honestly, exactly what I was looking for. I hurriedly ran out to the grocery store, grabbed up a ton of fresh produce, and whipped up this recipe for dinner. It all came together perfectly, and it’s so delicious that I’ve been eating the leftovers every day since I made it.

Note: I used a large sweet potato instead of carrots, and I served mine with some mixed greens and a dollop of hummus – you can find my recipe here.


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