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Last night, I went to a reading (up in York, PA, since I missed him in Baltimore) by perhaps my favorite author, the unbelievably funny David Sedaris (see here for some of his work if you’re unfamiliar). I stayed after to get him to sign some books, and discuss with him his outfit choice: a white button down and culottes. Since I’m such a crazy huge fan, and since he inscribed “Culottes are where it’s at” in one of my books, I figured I’d trust him on it and see what I could find on the forsaken style.

And, a little surprised, I found this article from Vogue hailing denim culottes as one of spring’s biggest trends, and this one oohing over Olivia Palermo sporting them. And then, I found these shiny pink ones from H&M, and I haven’t been able to stop dreaming of them paired with clunky sandals (say, Birkenstocks) and a slouchy white tee. They’re like a  retro midi skirt (which, I get, is already kind of retro), plus they’re loose and breezy. What could be more perfect for spring? (Just look at this cut-out pair!)

So thank you, Mr. Sedaris, for being a trendsetter. That, and giving me a small bar of soap.

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