I’ve recently become infatuated with headbands, from simple bands to full-out hat hybrids. They bring an unexpected punch and dose of glamour to an outfit that a necklace or earrings just can’t. While I was looking around on one of my favorite online stores (here secured payday loans), I discovered that they have an incredible selection of hair toppers (although some from their bridal collection are a bit on the pricey side). I’ve now become inspired to start my own collection of headbands – here are a few I’m hoping to add to my stash.

1. Ruche Sabrina Fabric Bow Headband by Petit Plume $22.50

2. Ruche Kiana Swarovski Beaded Headband by Petit Plume $33.99

3. ban.do ban.do heart headband $35

4. Deepa Gurnami Emerald Stone Applique Headband $32

5. Forever 21 Pearlescent Chain Rosette Headwrap $3.80

6. Ruche Blushing Bride Headband $46.99

7. Ruche Cheerful Certainty Ivory Headband $46.99

8. Ruche Bristol Flower Lace Indie Headband by Petit Plume $16.99

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