Before I begin, you should know that I’m a total perfectionist. So when my first-ever batch of macarons came out of the oven looking not as picture-perfect as I had hoped, I was pretty disappointed. Thanks to this recipe (which I chose because it looked much less intimidating and fussy as others), the batter was a breeze to whip up and used fairly normal household ingredients (you may have to stock up on almonds). They were completely delicious, but I couldn’t help but notice their imperfections: not all of them were perfectly round (the batter spread out on a few before I baked them), the filling I made was too runny, and perhaps most bizarrely of all, the two baking sheets yielded slightly differently colored cookies, even though all of the cookies came from the same bowl. I’d love to give them another go sometime – hopefully they’ll turn out perfectly then.

macaron1 macaron2 macaron3 macaron4 macaron5 macaron6

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