this too shall pass (image taken from Pinterest and edited)

Let me begin by saying how terribly sorry I am that I haven’t been posting regularly, or recently. I can explain.

This summer, I had a lot of free time. Between weekends and vacations and social events, I had plenty of time to do the things that I love. There was still work to be done, but it was little and manageable. It was summer – so naturally, life was pretty good.

But fall came, and so did the end of summer, and the work started piling up. I was (and still am) a little overwhelmed by the sudden influx of projects and social events and obligations. It all came crashing down on me, and I hardly had enough time to do what I really had to, let alone to do the things I wanted to – like this blog. I’ve always known that sarah kate style is not my priority, but I’ve never not been able to work on it for weeks on end. There’s new stuff going on in my life. I’m still working to figure it all out.

I’ve also been sick two times already this fall (nothing too serious, just enough sniffling and coughing to make me feel miserable), and all of these things piling up that I can’t really control have made me feel a little depressed. When the weekend would come and I had some free time, I wouldn’t feel like doing the things I love – reading, talking to friends, baking, writing this blog. I’m starting to feel a little better (although I’m sick at the moment), but I’m still working on getting back to my normal, happy self. I’m trying to make time for this blog, too, and I hope you’ll all keep following.

I’ll be back on Monday with something stylish. xx

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