If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I was over-the-top excited for the arrival of fall clothes in August. Well, I’m kind of over fall and winter now – and my outfits are showing it. I haven’t repeated any one outfit yet (not counting weekends – weekends are for lounge clothes), so I’ve resorted to varying combinations of black and gray and white (although a recent shopping spree has rejuvenated my wardrobe a little bit). With all the spring previews popping up around the internet, I’m becoming increasingly excited for spring – namely for bright colors and patterns – and I couldn’t help but look around for spring-inspired pieces. I refuse to let myself start looking for warmer weather clothes yet, so I stuck to looking at jewelry. I’ve always been a big fan of statement pieces (as seen here) and hyper-sparkly things, so naturally, the pieces above were winners in my book.

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