life lately 1

•Gorgeous peony in my yard (which, sadly, has been destroyed in recent thunderstorms)•

This week has been off-the-charts fantastic. I’ve begun to settle into a summer routine, I’ve actually gotten up early and exercised every day this week, I’ve begun to meditate, and I’ve finished three books since last Thursday. I’ve also been cleaning like a crazy person, and I hope to share some of that next week (my office is under control and it feels insanely good). I feel fresh and ready to simplify my life, which is what I’ve been looking for. And then, this morning, America made history and I’m ecstatic. Love wins. (And it’s Friday!)

life lately 2

•Yummy (and beautiful) breakfast quiche•

life lately 3

•IKEA chocolates in the prettiest packaging•

life lately 5

•The sky looking extra cool/creepy (and yellow) after a terrible storm•

life lately 4

•So excited to read these books, which were random presents from my awesome dad (1, 2, 3)•

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