{Insanely good red velvet chocolate}

This has been quite the week. Memorial Day weekend was so wonderful that my hopes were high coming into this week on Tuesday, but instead I crash landed into reality and had to get back to work (and pretty insane amounts of work at that). Not to mention it’s been excruciatingly hot here on the East Coast – the kind of hot that has to be observed from inside, where it’s air conditioned. In the end, I’m looking forward to the weekend – i’ll be relaxing, reading, and working on more blog posts. Only two more weeks until I’m on vacation…let the countdown begin!


 {Shots from a picnic last Sunday – yes, that is a unicorn-shaped topiary}

lifelately_olive bread

{Possibly the best bread I’ve ever had – recipe coming next week}


{Fresh ricotta is best served with honey, baguette slices and pears}


 {The peonies in my yard bloomed overnight}

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