{The weather couldn’t have been any nicer during my vacation last week}

Today is my birthday, which makes me super excited. I’ve always loved having a summer birthday (except for when I was in first grade and it meant I couldn’t bring cupcakes for my class to celebrate) – I feel like it gives me so many more options of ways to celebrate (like vacation or daytrips), plus the weather is almost guaranteed to be fantastic. I had a great time celebrating with a friend last night, and I’m headed to a museum and lunch out today (check my Instagram for updates). I hope you all have a great weekend!


{I love my new clothes from Zara, and the fact that they arrived in 3 days}


{I recently discovered that Bella’s favorite food is maple leaves}


{Feeling especially colorful at Kate Spade}


{A seriously delicious salted caramel cupcake, topped with a chocolate-covered pretzel}


{The age-old question}

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