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You may or may not have noticed, but I did quite a bit of sprucing up on the blog this weekend. My parents always say “How hard could it be?” when it comes to seemingly intimidating tasks, and I’ve adopted their same philosophy – so I’m obviously DIY-ing the blog (at least for now). One addition to the site that I’d like to mention is the new Tumblr button on the sidebar – I’ve been working on my Tumblr for a while, but kept forgetting to mention it here on the blog.

Because I’ve spent so much time on the internet recently, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things on the web this week – from my favorite blogs to a few web design tips and tricks and internet freebies.


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I’ve been a devoted Matchbook reader for a year now, and I’m guessing (read: hoping) all of you know about it – otherwise, you’ve been missing out big time. For those of you who don’t know, Matchbook is an online magazine chock full of fabulous inspiration, book and movie suggestions, interesting mini-biographies, and features on lots of people, places, and things – all in a superbly classy fashion. It’s safe to say one of my biggest goals in life is to be a Matchbook girl – described in bits and pieces in the beginning of every one of their issues, and also here. But there’s more to Matchbook, too – they have a newly re-designed site with an incredible blog, a copious list of their favorite shops, a boutique where they collect all the items found in their issues and the links to where to buy them, and – my personal favorite – their checklists. I’m currently working on novels and movies (it was kind of a wake-up call to me that I needed to start reading more again when I saw that I’ve seen about half of the movies and read not nearly as many of the books), and I think I’ll start on this one come fall. Be sure to check it all out here!

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