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I have a terrible habit of picking out movies and TV shows on Netflix. I open up the app on my iPad with the best intentions of watching a foreign film or starting a new cult TV show, but usually wind up scrolling through recently-added flicks or top reccomendations for me to no end. My watch list is getting a little bit out of control now (for every movie I watch, I easily save 10 more to watch later), but I have worked my way through a fair number of hidden gems and TV series. If you’re looking for something to watch but don’t want to get sucked into the vortex that is Netflix, here are seven picks that I can personally vouch for.

  1. Beginners // This is a cool, artsy-type movie – it’s told in a pretty original way, and the story itself is gentle, sometimes heart wrenching, and carries some nice messages about life and love (I’m making it sound really cliched, but it’s actually pretty cute and unique).
  2. Moonrise Kingdom // You’ve probably seen this, so it’s more like a reminder that this Wes Anderson gem is available on Netflix. If not, Moonrise Kingdom is a visually stunning, offbeat, quirky comedy that’s well worth a watch.
  3. Scoop // This was a Woody Allen flick that I’d never heard of and watched on a whim – and of course, being a fan of his, I loved it. It’s quite a charming, funny murder mystery (so…expect some dark humor).
  4. A Cat in Paris // I don’t normally watch animated films (aside from Disney/Pixar, of course), but a friend recommended this to me with the note that the whole thing looks like a painting – and it does. Queue it up if you’re in the mood for a really pretty movie, or if you just love Paris (or cats).
  5. Atonement // I love Ian McEwan, but I’ll admit, I’ve never read Atonement. The movie version, though, is fantastic. The costumes and the acting are superb, and the story is haunting.
  6. The Importance of Being Earnest // If you’re a sucker for witty British period pieces based on books, this one’s for you (pretty specific genre, I know). Truth be told, I’ve never seen this Oscar Wilde classic on stage, or read it, but this version with my favorite Colin Firth is a riot of mistaken identities.
  7. Broadchurch // I’d seen the first episode of this show while flicking channels at least twice, and it was haunting – it begins with the murder of a young boy in the seaside town of Broadchurch, and it only gets more intense from there. I intended to savor this series, but found myself at the end of the first season after just a few days of dedicated binge watching – I couldn’t get enough.

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