Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of sarah kate style (and the 150th post). Going into this one year ago, I had no idea what my blog would become. I certainly don’t have as many followers as other bloggers, but that’s fine. Maybe I will someday, and maybe I won’t – I don’t know the future of sarah kate style, and that’s okay with me. I love having this blog as a creative outlet, and I love meeting other bloggers. That has been such an amazing part of my experience blogging – meeting all kinds of people, reading their blogs, getting a glimpse into their life. I feel so lucky to be a part of it all.

I’ve discovered, though, that blogging isn’t always easy. It’s hard to find time, it’s hard to come up with new ideas, and it’s hard to keep writing when you know you’re just one of millions of other bloggers. The Internet itself can tear you a new one, like when my blog crashed back in January. But in the end, it’s rewarding – I’ve learned new things, discovered great stores, designers and blogs, and refined my own style. Looking back, I can see how I’ve grown and changed in the past year. I haven’t always been very personal on the blog, and I need to work on that. I am so appreciative of all of your support, whether you’ve been reading since last summer or you’re a new follower.

I am so excited for the future of this blog. I feel like it can only get better from here, and I’m looking forward to sharing many more outfits, ideas, collages and recipes with you – and if things work out according to plan, I may be sharing a huge renovation project (or two).

Blogging has been a fantastic experience, and I hope to spend many more years sharing my life with you. xx Sarah


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