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Picnics are undoubtedly one of my favorite things. Just like parties and holidays, they’re one of those things that I have really high expectations for – but with picnics, my expectations are always met. I guess it’s because they’re so low-key – all you need is a blanket, good food, and good company. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve found the perfect location not too far away, and that this consistently amazing bread is now a picnicking staple for me.

On our little picnicking jaunt, we parked ourselves under a shady tree, right by a field of flowers. And though it was just my first of the season, I think it was the best picnic I’ve been on to date. So naturally, I thought I’d share my tips for a simple but perfect summer picnic.

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FOOD // The most important part, obviously. I always plan ahead so I can make this insanely good olive bread, which requires a little prep work the day before but it always works out perfectly time-wise so that it’s fresh and warm for the picnic (you can find the recipe here). Besides that, I packed fruit, dip, and other snacks in a tiffin, which is basically the perfect picnic companion. It’s compact and holds a lot and looks pretty and streamlined – what more could you want?

I brought along raspberries and blueberries, plus this super good dip and pita bread for dipping. I also always make sure to pack a variety of cheese – my staples are parmesan and chèvre, and I like to throw in another sort of unusual one, usually picked up at Whole Foods (their cheese counter is insane) – and crackers to eat it on. Finally, drinks. I kept it simple with my favorite peach Izze.

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OTHER NECESSITIES // A pretty blanket is a must. For years I’d just been using old, thick blankets, but bringing along a prettier one really steps it up a notch (if you’re on the market, I’m coveting these gorgeous all-purpose towels). In a totally cheesy way, I felt almost as though I might be in the French countryside (though, probably far less stunning). Anyway, pretty things just make you feel happy, and it sets the mood. A light, pretty blanket equals a more elegant outing.

And (because I’m a bit of a nerd), poetry anthologies. Or any reading material you like – I also packed a magazine I had yet to read for lazy lounging.

As for what to wear, I’ll sing the praises of maxi dresses and maxi skirts. Extra comfortable, easy to move around and lay down in, light and cool. I have and love this one, which I wore back in this post, but I also love the lemony color and floaty bodice of this one.

And, of course, bring good company. Happy picnicking!

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