UPDATE: The frames are now available online! Get them here.

Have you been to IKEA lately? It’s no secret among my friends and family (or the internet, for that matter) that the furniture store is one of my favorite places ever. A walk through their demo rooms always leaves me bursting with decorating ideas, their Poäng chairs are affordable and amazing, they’ve got Scandi-chic kitchen and dining accessories coming out the wazoo, their as-is section can be filled with hidden gems (like the duvet cover above, which was completely unblemished and a whopping $4), and let’s not forget Swedish meatballs and the bins of candy in the food market.

It’s a wonderland of cheap and generally gorgeous home stuff, which is why the department I always get sucked into is kind of surprising: frames. Frames! It’s so boring! But I always, always have little prints or cards or a new piece of art I have to frame, or an old piece that I’ve forgotten about (because I haven’t framed it yet) and I’m not interested in spending a fortune on what I know I want and can get at IKEA for a song: a simple, no-frills frame in black or white. Easy.

Last time I went, just a few weeks ago, I almost walked by the picture frame section when something shiny caught my eye (what can I say, I have some magpie-like tendencies). It was a display of new frames, and the ones I saw were gold.

These are not like the few gold frames I’d seen at IKEA before – kind of weathered and antique looking, or else too gaudy with carving (those have their place, but generally aren’t what I’m looking for). These come in your standard 4×6, 5×7, gallery-wall ready sizes, and they’re a smooth, even-tones, ultra-glossy gold. They feel so much heftier and more expensive than any other frame I’ve gotten from IKEA. And it was only when I got home and fit little prints my sister bought for me in Russia into them that I realized another bonus: they come with mats. Not a flimsy little piece of paper, but a substantial bevel-cut mat that (paired with the gold frame) will make anything you put into it look like a million bucks.

Inexplicably, these frames aren’t available on IKEA’s website (there is a silver version up, however – perhaps the gold is too new?) but I bet they’re in most stores. At $4 a pop, they’re worth picking up – I know I’m already planning a trip to get more.

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