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I never really understood the whole scarf thing until recently. I desperately wanted to jump on the scarf bandwagon – I constantly saw bloggers and random people around town sporting them, and couldn’t help but envy how cozy and effortless they looked. But whenever I went to recreate the look, the scarf looked awkward and puffy and out of place, and more often than not, I found myself trying to create an outfit around the scarf, rather than throwing it on as an afterthought.

Recently, though, I’ve come around. Fed up with the lack of scarves in my closet, I went on a mission to find the perfect scarf. And I very quickly succeeded. Now, this, the softest, longest, scarf I’ve ever come across, is mine – and it cost just $17 and a trip to Target.

As a new scarf convert, I’m here to share tips – and convert you, too, if you haven’t been already.

1. Check the length. The longer the scarf, the better. That way, you can wrap it around your neck several times comfortably, or tie the ends together to make an infinity scarf. It just gives you more to work with. Plus, a long scarf – if it’s wide, too – works as a blanket in a pinch.

2. Find the perfect pattern. I’m partial to a knit scarf in a neutral color and scarves in plaid or geometric prints. Please stay away from anything embellished – sequins and those little glittery threads are the best way to make it look like you picked up your scarf in the children’s department. I’ve never seen it done tastefully. (Please let me know if you ever see it done well.)

3. Wear it with pride. If it is a little puffy, just accept it. Think of it as an accessory just like a purse or statement necklace. A scarf + a plain sweater is an easy, go-to look that’s as equally well-suited to running errands as it is to grabbing a cup of coffee or late brunch with friends.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. The height of luxury: cashmere (and in an array of dreamy neutrals). $59.95

2. Cool stripes in two color options (bonus! It’s on sale!) $29.99

3. A little unconventional, but it’s ridiculously chic. $65.38

4. Classic Burberry-esq plaid, without the price tag. $30.32

5. Unique contrast trim – in dark green and rust. $28.43

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