1. Minusey Bracelet 2. Baublebar Necklace 3. Baublebar Necklace 4. Baublebar Earrings 5. Minusey Cuff 6. Baublebar Necklace (the gold version shown sold out while I was writing this post believe it or not, silver version here)  7. MMM Earrings 8. Baublebar Earrings 9. Baublebar Earrings 10. Dorothy Perkins Earrings 11. Accessorize Necklace

My obsession with the growing Lucite/acrylic/perspex trend began when I saw this insanely cool, minimalist-meets-industrialist bracelet. You’d think since it’s clear, Lucite wouldn’t really make much of an impact – but each piece shown here is a shining example of how that’s not the case. Lucite can be surprisingly elegant, as shown by these decently priced MMM earrings, or as modern and edgy as it gets (the fact that this necklace is called the “Nebula Bib” instantly makes it so much cooler). Will you be hopping on the Lucite bandwagon? If so, will you go edgy or elegant?

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