vacation 5

You might have gathered from my Instagram and my lack of posts on the blog last week that I was on a much-needed vacation. Maryland is kind of wonderful because in less than two hours you can go from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore, which feels like it’s so much further away than it actually is (especially since the climate is much less humid and considerably cooler). I stayed in a house on the water, so there was lots of kayaking – which I haven’t done in forever, and it ended up being so much fun. There’s not much sand to speak of, but there are lots of tiny towns littered with shops (sadly not as good as I remembered, but that’s besides the point) – it’s really a place made for pedestrians and dogs, and going away was a refreshing change of pace and break from reality. I picked up a few vintage post cards on a day out (for some reason I can’t resist those), grabbed a cone of salted caramel crunch at a tiny ice cream parlor, went for lots of walks, took the ferry, finished a book, and ate some of the best food in memory. And of course I took lots of pictures, so I thought I’d share a few.

vacation 1

{Crape myrtles seem to grow like weeds over there}

vacation 3

{A charming little park in Easton, spotted during a walk around town}

vacation 4

{This was the view waiting to get on the ferry}

vacation 9

{Went to this fantastic restaurant twice for some really fantastic food (and look at that ceiling!)}

vacation 8

{Passion tea infused crème brulée from the aforementioned restaurant – without a doubt the best I’ve ever had}

vacation 2

{The sunset, as seen from the backyard of the rental house}

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