1: Apparently I have a thing for zebras on shirts. I got a sweater from Zara months ago (last seen here) with a huge zebra on the front, and now there’s this crop top…I think it’s pretty weird. And I love it.

2: I love skirts. I always have. But up until recent times, they were all short (read: knee-length and above). That all changed when I got my first maxi skirt last summer. And then came the midi skirt, which for whatever reason I thought would be horribly unflattering. so I took the plunge, bought one, and was obsessed. And I found this one not too long ago, and I think I need it, even though it’s seriously over-the-top girly.

3: Oh, Zara, you really can do no wrong. I’ve been secretly obsessed with the Birkenstock dorky-chic trend since it started…but they’re kind of expensive, and I’m a little scared I won’t be into it anymore once I get a pair. These are even better, in their price and everything else. Basically Birkenstocks, but with less buckles. Minimalist. Shiny. Pink. That’s what I’m all about.

4: I thought I’d get over the whole statement earring thing. I thought I’d be convinced out of hoarding them for one reason or another – the earlobe pain they inflict, the usually astronomically high prices, the need to wear simple clothes with them so you don’t look totally gaudy and/or crazy. And I’ve gotten over all of that (and have also embraced wearing statement earrings with everything). I just bought these. And these. And these navy ones would just look too good with spring pastels…I might just have to get them.

5: I seem to gravitate towards clutches. And the minaudiére is the queen of clutches. Sure, it’s probably the least practical form of purse ever, but they’re just too cute. (And like I said above, Zara really can do no wrong. Black and white? Geometric? Leather? Yeah. I want it.)

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