This isn’t a picture-heavy post, but that’s because this is so simple there aren’t really that many steps to take pictures of. Beets have been my latest food obsession – I’ve always loved them, but I only recently started buying them raw at the store and roasting them myself (using these totally foolproof instructions). Their silky texture, rich color and sweet-meets-earthy flavor contrasts beautifully with the sharp, tangy notes of goat cheese…but goat cheese is just awesome anyway. I ate way too much when I was assembling this.

For the salad:
-Baby spinach
-1 small roasted beet
-about 1/4 cup of goat cheese (just kind of tear off little chunks until you’re happy with the beet to goat cheese ratio)
-a handful of walnuts

For the dressing:
-Plain Greek yogurt
-fresh mint, finely chopped
-vegetable oil
-lemon juice
-white wine vinegar
-sugar and salt, to taste
*Note: when I make salad dressings, I never measure anything. I just throw stuff in a bowl, taste, adjust, and repeat, until it tastes how I want it. This dressing should be creamy and tangy with a kick of mint.


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