Inspired: Party Balloons

balloons_1 balloons_2 balloons_3 balloons_4 balloons_5 balloons_6

With my birthday tomorrow, I’ve been dreaming about lavish party decorations (and cake, obviously) – so I picked a few of my favorite pins from my Pinterest balloon board to celebrate. Unfortunately, I won’t be filling my house with balloons and streamers tomorrow, much as I’d like to – instead, I’ll be spending some time today with a friend (eating cupcakes and watching Audrey Hepburn movies, naturally) and going out to lunch and a museum on my birthday. What’s your favorite way to spend your birthday?

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Inspired: Twiggy

twiggy_1 twiggy_2 TWIGGY twiggy_4


I’m currently working on a project that relates to 1960’s fashion. In my quick research of the styles from that era, I was consistently inspired by photos of Twiggy in brightly colored clothes and big earrings. I’ve long been a fan of Twiggy (especially her signature makeup), and I can’t help but be inspired by these bright, mod looks.

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Inspired: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

hmconscious_1 hmconscious_2 hmconscious_3 hmconscious_4 hmconscious_5 hmconscious_6

See the whole collection here.

I’m seriously in love with everything about the new H&M Conscious Exclusive collection. Some of the prices are a bit out of my reach, but I can’t help but fawn over the exquisitely tailored pieces. Besides the clothes, I love the whole lookbook – the modeling, styling, setting, props – it’s just so terribly chic and classic and modern, all at the same time.

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