studio updateRemember how I said back here that I was working on renovating a little storage space into a studio? Well, I’m happy to report that the project is nearly finished. Unfortunately I don’t have any “before” shots to share – I know those are fun, but trust me, you don’t want to see where I started – but hopefully pictures of its current state will suffice 🙂 It (sadly) gets really really cold in there in the winter, so I haven’t spent too much time in the space recently (plus I’m trying to get back in the habit of working in my office…). Even so, just stepping in there makes me so, so happy. It’s still not totally done – as you’ll be able to tell, I’m still in need of some art/decorative elements, a rug, and a few bottles of Pellegrino, but I wasn’t expecting to have it all done at once. The design magazines I read always say that a space should evolve and be pieced together over time with things you love – so be on the lookout for another installment! I hope you enjoy.

studio 1

{Insanely comfortable chair from IKEA}

studio 2

{Table full of pretty things + reading material}

studio 3studio 4

{Pretty books – some favorites and some on my to-read list}

studio 5

{The prettiest ice bucket in the entire world}

studio 7

{A cool pillow I picked up at Caravanserai in Hampden}

studio 8

{A coconut bowl I picked up in Wales, my favorite succulent, cute kate spade notebooks, and my iPhone, playing my new favorite song (on repeat)}

studio 10

{Domino backissues and a basket from Brazil that my mom gave me}

studio 12

{Tiny, perfect Moroccan tea glasses}

studio 11

{My favorite place in the studio: the loft, piled high with pillows}

studio 13

{Chilling with a super soft blanket and the latest issue of Anthology}

Chair and ottoman from IKEA
Gold lamp from IKEA
String lights from IKEA
Kitchen cart from IKEA
Ice bucket from Target
Notebooks from kate spade
Tray from IKEA
Pillows from IKEA (black and white, pink)
Blanket from IKEA
Fabric from IKEA
Anthology Magazine

All baskets are vintage

(And yeah, I’m well aware that I do too much shopping at IKEA)

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