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CB2 has long been my favorite source of quirky, colorful accessories. And everything on their site right now is pretty much perfect – I had to share my finds. I just got these bookends – because honestly, how can you not need gold pig bookends? – and I’m swooning over this basket, which would be the perfect thing to corral the every-growing stack of magazines on my bedroom floor (I promise I’m not a hoarder).

Can I also point out how amazing and unique those teapots are? They’re silicone-coated porcelain! I think that sounds kind of weird and really awesome, and I would totally drink tea all the time if I was pouring it out of that yellow pot. It’s so perfectly mod.

I’d love to know where you turn for fun decorations, cool furnishings and the like – I’m in desperate need of new stores to check out!

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