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A while ago, I woke up wanting eggs Benedict. They’re something I only have when I’m eating brunch out, but I thought, How hard could it be to make them myself? I quickly found a recipe (here) that looked pretty simple. The Hollandaise sauce is the most time-consuming part, and one of my poached eggs didn’t turn out too pretty (I spared you from pictures of it), but I can guarantee you that if you follow the instructions, it will turn out delicious, no matter what it looks like. As I learned while making this, nothing is too meticulous – I used bacon instead of Canadian bacon, and if the consistency of the sauce isn’t to your liking, you can always add more water or butter. Fair warning: the recipe for the Hollandaise sauce makes a lot of extra, but that just gives you an excuse to have eggs Benedict again the next morning (it’s also easy to cut in half, if you like).

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